Dodgeball ‘o’ Doom

Last night was the semi-finals (and finals) for Derrick’s dodgeball league. There were eight teams in the beginning and this was a battle of the final four. Derrick’s team, the Whip Scorpions, had lost one game the whole season, and they had the highest ranking of the league. Needless to say, we were all excited for this night.
I packed up the boys and hoofed it over to the local gym, ready to see some crazy action. The balls are made out of foam, and they tend to fly all over the place, so I knew that bringing the kids would require having the reflexes of a snow leopard. I was willing to take the risk of seeing my kids bonked in the head in exchange for the thrill of seeing grown men…getting bonked in the head.
The semi-finals had started and I had arranged my brood behind a few burly men, for protection’s sake. Quinten wasn’t impressed by my safety precautions since it blocked his view and inhibited him from his true desire to climb on the bleacher stairs. I kept trying to divert his attention to “daddy throwing a ball”. This didn’t work so well, because it led to Quinten wanting to throw a ball too. I spent a lot of time trying to watch for deadly stray balls, hold my leg in front of Sheldon’s car seat, restrain Quinten from leaping into the line of fire, and keep my remaining appendages from hitting the burly man in front of me (bleacher seats are not roomy). After 15 minutes Quinten started to tell me that he wanted to go home. So, we went home and I really have no idea how the game went.
I do know that Derrick called me, struggling for breath and full of disappointment in his voice. Yes, the amazing Whip Scorpions had been defeated after leading 5 games to 2. It was a hard night for the Hallum house. Apparently a few mistakes on the part of his team lead to a demoralized state that they couldn’t shake. Derrick spent most of the last few minutes of the game trying not to loose his sanctification on the court and the effort wiped him out. Maybe next year?
The good news is, because of the incredible interest in the dodgeball league, the Well Community Church is thinking about starting a winter league as well, so we may not have to wait until next summer to attempt to reclaim our glory. In the meantime, here are some pictures that illustrate the strength and commitment it takes to be a true Whip Scorpion (Derrick is starting to hate that I have started a blog, because he finds it slightly embarrassing, but I argue that such things should not be held under a bushel).
(the photos are by

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