Confession: I still have half of my Christmas decorations up.

Notice I said half of my decorations. This means that at one point, I was taking them down and somehow did not finish…this was several weeks ago.
It reminds me of the time, around December, that I left my Autumn decorations up. Yes, I had a scarecrow, a sunflower welcome sign, and a pumpkin collection out in my front yard, and since my husband was not of the procrastinating persuasion this year, they were combined with Christmas lights. It took a new (and apparently honest) friend to walk up to my door and say, “Nice scarecrow” for me to even remember to retire the poor guy (that’s what I get for inviting a very talented decorator over).

So, it’s midway through January and I still have a few nutcrackers lying around, and I’m not just talking about my family here.
Confession: I have not finished sending out my Christmas cards. I plan on addressing the rest and sending them on their merry way, with a line scribbled on the envelope to the effect of, “Better late than never”. People keep telling me to just call it a Happy New Year card, but that would be hard to do without a permanent marker since they say Happy Holidays and have a Christmas tree on them…and when I think about it…so what?
In matters of feeding my children, loving my husband, brushing my teeth, reading my bible, and meeting with my God, I strive to be on time no matter what. There are so many things in my life that can overwhelm me, but instead of curling up in a corner I will hold my head up high and remember that “better late than never” is also “better late than crazy”.
Conclusion: This year I am praying for grace in the little things that fall behind and the dust bunnies that gather in the dark places of my house. I am praying that I would know what is important and what is not, and sift through the “not” to focus on what truly matters.

3 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. awww, shucks. I have to admit that I can be honest to a fault…still want to be friends?
    O)h, and the “very talented decorator” bit was waaaay too much praise for this little ego.
    When are you coming for a visit to my house?
    You have to see before you tell:)


  2. um, don't know how to do that yet. I'll start working on it right now. Of course I still want to be friends. I was even thinking, “Maybe if I invite tamera over I'll finally get my christmas decorations down”.
    BUT, I do want to see your house. I am especially interested in the kitchen cupboards.
    I don't ever dole out too much praise. So there.


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