Our Tribal Uprising and Suppression

Ever spend way too much time trying to get your two year old to listen and OBEY you? Finally you have run out of options, and you are starting to lose face, not to mention control. So you threaten, “If you don’t (insert pretty much anything here because two year olds don’t EVER EVER do what you ask) you are going to get a SPANK”.

This happened last night. We generally like to spare the rod and spoil the child but sometimes enough is enough. It’s hard on the ego to be completely ignored by a small little person who can’t pronounce the word “Lemon”. You have to make a stand right?
It’s like the “S” word has electrical currents that extend out of your mouth when you speak it, shocking your young one into action. As soon as it was mentioned, someone who had been inexplicably deaf for the past ten minutes jerked their head up and ran/hopped/danced to their bedroom as fast as they could shouting “I OBEYING, I OBEYING!” as they went.
We followed, but before we could continue our “consequence” lecture, the small one had somehow transported into their bed. Then, to make sure that no spanking would ensue, he leans his head on the pillow, scrunches up his eyes, and for some reason, opens his mouth. Fake sleeping at it’s best.
Of course, we had to run away. We didn’t want to ruin our reputation by letting him see us laughing hysterically.

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