Beginning The List

holy experience

Today I am going to count (some of) my blessings. Eh, I know. It’s too early. Where’s my coffee?

Seriously though, I’m taking a break and starting the list. The list of blessings that I won’t notice unless I write them down.

Psalm 34:8

“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”

The List

#1: Iceland Poppies (Q loves them too so they usually get picked before I can have as many as I want, but there is usually one lone bloom to beautify my garden)

#2: Rain. The sound of rain on my roof at night when I’m cozy under the blankets

#3: A husband who will go out in the rain to get my paper

#4: Oranges

#5: the time when your child finally can blow his nose! No more suction thingy!

#6: French toast with homemade syrup

#7: toilet paper (I know, I know. I am being completely serious though. I think about how much I love TP and for the sake of honesty it has to be listed)

#8: good books

#9: Original songs by toddlers (“Any bugs, any daay”)

#10: Board games

#11: Coffee (maybe I should have made this number one) (let me clarify: GOOD coffee)

#12: Crushed ice

#13: Baby skin (so soft)

#14: Chubby baby legs

#15: Babies that suck their thumb and snuggle up to you when you pick them up

So there’s the list for now. If you read this and think “I want my own list! One that doesn’t include crushed ice!” just click on the graphic about multitude Mondays to learn more about and to join this gratitude community.

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