No Dog Bites or Bee Stings Today!

As Pollyanna would say, “Let’s play the glad game!” Here is what I’m grateful for this week:

0035. Sushi. Particularly sushi rolls with the delicious hot and sweet sauces.

0036. The fact that My God is on the throne and He does whatever He pleases. No one can thwart His plans or stay His hand.
0037. Little boys who try to catch ladybugs when it’s January (don’t those things hibernate or something?).
0038. People who sing at the top of their lungs at church. I love it especially when they are a little off key.
0039. Reading by lamplight with a warm blanket.
0040. Inky pens. I love pens that aren’t skimpy with their ink and flow onto the page with joyous abandon.
0041. Babies who roll to anything that is “off limits”, particularly lint that’s on the floor.
0042. Naps. Long naps.
0043. Glitter. Anything sparkly. I’m like a crow in that way.
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