Sleep Typing

“GOOD MORNING! You’re about to call in sick!” –Jim Gaffagin

This morning there was squealing. Between squeals, there was a lot of loud, bubbly baby laughter coming from the boys room. It was five in the morning.

I don’t do mornings. I had a splitting headache but I couldn’t help smiling at the sounds that jolted me out of my drooling slumber. What can you do? I stumbled out of bed and took a nice long shower, then searched desperately for my long lost travel coffee mug (it’s still lost…I need to buy an extra one).
Q decided to look for his “Flathead screw driver” so he could fix his old truck. He’s two and knows the difference between a Philips and a Flathead, but he also ate the last blueberry muffin. I’m stuck with cereal, and it’s not my favorite kind. Sheldon decided his life mission was to try to eat all the legos in the world. He is playing quite nicely with Q, eating the legos (they are the giant ones people, relax) while Q builds “backdozer” and airplanes.
Personal Ad:
If I could create my perfect morning, it would not start at 5 a.m. I wouldn’t have to look for anything. I wouldn’t have to sacrifice the last muffin. My living room would be clean.
I’m being a baby. Isn’t it funny how perspective makes such a difference. I can chose to be cranky and tired. It’s my right as a sleep deprived parent (I mean, REALLY sleep deprived). But LOOK at all the CUTE and ADORABLE stuff that happened before 7 a.m. at my house! If I spend my day being cranky, I will miss how perfect my morning already is!
Some Questions:
Why is there a cartoon with a dog that is actually a HOT DOG? Isn’t that a little creepy?
I saw a jet plane when I went to the car to search for my mug. Am I just crazy tired, or are jet planes really cool?
Is something stuck in your head this morning? Lines from Jim Gaffigan’s Hot Pocket skit are stuck in mine. You are lucky I didn’t write a blog about Hot Pockets this morning.

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