Imitating Pickle Eaters

Someone wants to be just like Daddy (Too bad Dad doesn't have a super cool Spiderman razor).He eats pickles and olives like daddy (not like momma...ew).He does push ups He works outHe borrows Daddy's tools to "fix" thingsHe wants to "pway yegos! (play Legos)" with DaddyHe wants "Dadda come in my room!"He lathers himself in … Continue reading Imitating Pickle Eaters

The Adventures of an Errand Runner

"The grocery store is the great equalizer where mankind comes to grips with the facts of life like toilet tissue" -Joseph Goldberg As I tried to attain my goals of purchasing the needed, avoiding the unneeded, and keeping everyone out of danger, the following took place:Q sat in the front of the grocery cart and … Continue reading The Adventures of an Errand Runner