How I Tortured My Little Sister in High School Part 2*

*there isn’t really a part one, so don’t search for it. I am just continuing the saga from yesterday’s post.

Little Sister was always the achievement type. I think she took pleasure in excelling at things that I did not excel at. Things like, homework, good behavior, cooking, financial stability, and soccer. I was too busy having a good time; ditching class and eating Dorritos for lunch, to be bothered with grades and life skills.
In some ways (okay in many ways) I feel badly about her high school experience. She had to work fast to set herself apart from Big Sister, or face the threat of getting kicked out of Chemistry (One of the many classes I had trouble with. Not just academic trouble, but also behavioral trouble). I should have made her a t-shirt to wear that said, “My Sister Is Crazy”. Then none of the teachers would have to question where she stood. She didn’t have a shirt though, so she had to take the hard road of actually doing the classwork, and focusing on good grades.
I didn’t make success easy for her. Every morning, I would drive her to school in my beloved station wagon. She had no control over the music. There was an incident where she threw one of my TAPES (AHHH I’m SO OLD! TAPES!) out of the window in protest, but she had no real control. She just had to wear her seatbelt and take it.
As I mentioned, our priorities were quite different. She wanted to get to Biology on time, I wanted to get a delicious soda with crushed ice from the mini-mart. There was a mini-mart in town that literally had the best soda, and who can pass up crushed ice? Not me. So, at about 7:55 each morning, I would pick up a soda and continue on to school, where I had a Journalism class that was pretty relaxed. The teacher did not really care if I was late, as long as I kept the school newspaper presses going with exciting articles. I probably didn’t even do that, because I can’t remember writing anything. I do remember leaving class a lot to run “errands”. In high school, “errands” mean going with a friend to get french fries. This is all before 9 a.m. so it’s a miracle I didn’t become morbidly obese.
Baby Soda Ad
Poor Little Sister had Biology for first period. I think she begged me to wake up earlier, or start drinking coffee, anything to get her to class on time. I remained deaf. The morning soda habit called to me. I think she ended up working something out with her Biology teacher to excuse her tardiness. He must have heard of me.
I feel like I should apologize to Little Sister AGAIN, but maybe a better gesture of good will would be to mail her a t-shirt that says, “My Sister Is Crazy”…

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