The sun is shining after days of rain, and it has seeped into my bones, making me excitable and giddy. My list is longer than some days, when it rains. I am in a time of overabundant blessings, mountaintop highs. I’ll record my happiness for when it rains again and I am in a valley, grasping for things to remind me that my God loves me extravagantly.

0055. Dump trucks and the boys who fill them

0056. College basketball games sans kids
0057. the joyous chatter of a fence full off sparrows lined in a row, hopping around in the rain
0058. seeing the same sparrows huddling under the eaves, trying to get away from the rain they had rejoiced in at morning. Maybe after bathing, sparrows want towels too?
0059. Play dates at the park with friends of all ages
0060. Sleeping children. I sometimes forget how little my boy is, and then I see him sleeping. Still a little guy, despite his desperate efforts to be a big guy. YAY!
0061. Surprises.
0062. the smell of cut grass. Does anyone else remember when the Gap tried to bottle the scent? That was weird.
0063. Bubbles
0064. Babysitters
0065. Baby babble.
0066. “Beets, bears, Battlestar Galactica
(Ok, truthfully I only like bears, and the color of beets, but I DO like being able to re purpose quotes. It makes me feel like T.S. Eliot. He rocks my socks off).
0067. T.S. Eliot, especially The Four Quartets and Wasteland. Amazing poems.
0068. little helpers who don’t change into play clothes before getting to work. Let’s not allow fashion to stop us from lending a helping hand, right?!
0069. dancing with my husband, each of us gripping our coffee in one hand and wearing our PJ’s while little ones fuss and try to squeeze between our legs.
0070. sisters
0071. warm sunshine after days of rain
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