Chicken Encounters of the First Kind

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you could miss it. ~ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Remember when you were young, and you had your first encounter with a chicken? Neither do I, but Sheldon met his first chicken this week. I watched my child experience the common things for the first time, and they became uncommon things. The world through the eyes of a child is fresh, wonderful, and real.

To find God’s amazing handiwork, first you must go for a walk and pay attention (unless you own a hamster that can roll to you in one of those little ball things).
Obviously, Q is very excited to be a) outside b) pushing his baby brother. Sheldon is less thrilled by his chauffeur, and seems to be wondering if he has health insurance, and he’s sucking his thumb for courage.
Sheldon meets the (adolescent) chicken. The amazement he feels seeing this wonderful chicken makes him stop crying hysterically (he was really worried about being left in the stroller). He reaches out to touch the beak, and I am grateful that chickens don’t have teeth.
The amazement has turned into a desire to eat the chicken. I’m not just talking about the dog in the background; in this picture, there are two beings who would like to put this chicken’s head in their mouth. We take the chicken to a safe place, and Sheldon remembers to worry about strollers and his mother’s lack of care when it comes to stroller drivers.
This is the goose that tried to bite me when I was taking pictures. He sneaks up from behind. When you go for a walk to discover the wonders of the earth, watch out for geese.
Today I’m linking up with Chatting at the Sky to celebrate the small things.

11 thoughts on “Chicken Encounters of the First Kind

  1. So funny- Ashley's first chicken experience was not so enjoyable. We were at my friend Megan's house and the chickens were in the hen house. A dog ran up and scared them, and Ashley freaked out, turned to run the opposite way, fell over a tumble weed and got all scratched up. No fun.

    Also- geese are evil!! I used to go running in a park when I lived in SLO where there were tons of geese. One time a flock of geese chased me out of the park all the way to the neighborhood up the street. They are ruthless!!!


  2. Fun pictures 🙂 Every time I take the kids for a walk, we love to stop and take time to discover. It's amazing how much a kid can learn by just going for a walk. We took a long this morning and discovered something poop with berries in it..on the side walk. yuck.


  3. Well, we are all in agreement that geese are evil. Kim, poop with berries! Way to find the positive in the icky. Becca, you need to tell the chicken encounter story on your blog. Oh no, I have a feeling my blog is going chicken themed. Great. Just great. Thanks for the comments guys.


  4. You are hilarious and your children are so precious in the photos. Glad the chicken can grow a little more before it's eaten:)

    I don't care for geese but it's the swans that really scare me.


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