"Preservatives and Perseverance" or "How I Almost Went Crazy"

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. ~Emily DickinsonI just licked my computer mouse.Wait, before you judge me, let me explain. I was licking it to get the ketchup that got onto it while I was eating french fries and goofing off on the Internet. WAIT! Let me explain. I … Continue reading "Preservatives and Perseverance" or "How I Almost Went Crazy"

The Great Western Pant Shortage

We took a three and a half hour trip to the beach for an overnight vacation. All of us. A two year old, a nine month old, and two "adults". One of the "adults" forgot to pack a few things. Pants for the two year old. Sunblock. More than one towel. We realized the pant … Continue reading The Great Western Pant Shortage