Rainy Day Snooze

It’s pouring rain, and all I can do is curl up on the couch and attempt to drink my coffee. I can’t write when it rains this much, i can just listen sleepily. It’s a day for blankets, warm drinks, and poetry.

Check out this poetry blog that I have been enjoying. It’s by my sister in law and it’s perfect for a rainy day like this.
Curious Acorn has some neat pictures up of snow and stone that are worth a notice.
Maybe later I shall take a picture of something wet, like the pile of leaves in my backyard that I didn’t throw away, and post something about that. Or maybe, I’ll just play legos with the boys and drink some more lukewarm coffee.
If you have a site that speaks to you on a rainy day, please add it to your comment!

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Snooze

  1. Blankets, warm drinks and poetry? Were we separated at birth? Haha! If you could see us, my girl and I are wrapped in blankets, still in pajamas at 12:30 in the afternoon. Shame. And we've been discussing Keats. Ta for the plug by the way. I'll check out your sister-in-law's blog.


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