One Hundred Gifts

“I came that they may have live and have it abundantly” -John 10:10

continuing the list of thanks and seeing the gift in the everyday:
0085. A man, a boy and a train set from long ago. Never mind that the engine has caught on fire twice, it still runs and thrills hearts in the living room.
0086. Sandwiches at the park.
0087. A missing button on a couch cushion because a small one has re-purposed it for a BIG TRUCK WHEEL!
0088. The opportunity to learn how to sew buttons
0089. Finding real beauty in weeds.
0090. Laughter.
0091. Unexpected visits from neighbors that turn into pizza and a movie nights.
0092. Warm towels.
0093. Coming home to a clean house that wasn’t cleaned by me!
0094. Stamps. Little overpriced stickers that make white envelopes colorful, exciting, and mobile.
0095. I have an evil streak. I really enjoy winning board games, and if I can’t win, I enjoy using tactics to destroy the hopes of other players. Sabotage!
0096. The forgiveness of a husband who’s game has just been sabotaged(!) by his wife (who still has trouble feeling bad about it)
0097. Mario Kart. I like to be Bowser because he can ram people and knock them off the edge (see 95).
0098. Samuel 1 and 2. Exciting reading that shows God’s grace and his justice. Even Q likes to listen to some of the battle scenes…
0099. Hearing “On Guard!” being shouted by a two year old while he wields a “sword”. We live on the edge over here, enter at your own risk.
0100. Scented candles. They balance out all the “man” that’s in my house. It might be a dangerous house, but it smells like apple cinnamon.
If you want to become a Joy Finder, click below and start your own list of thanks.
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