While the Cats Were Away

In the name of healthy marriage and healthy friendships, Derrick and I stepped out into the big world without our dear sweet children.
We have a wonderful babysitter, who I shall mention by name because A) I have nothing but good things to say about her B) She has sworn that she will never, ever read my blog. She was an English major and she doesn’t have time for these plebeian things.
Polly came over on time as always, driving her hybrid car and holding her sister’s Shitzu, Yoshi. Yoshi had been invited to babysit as well, owing to the fact that Polly has a compassion for animals. This compassion has also led to a form of vegetarianism that requires the consumption of massive amounts of cookies on a daily basis. Interesting side note: my cookie jar was empty.
We rushed out the door, joking that we would be back at 4 a.m.
Polly didn’t believe us.
She will eat her hat if we come back at 4 a.m. She dares us. We decide to let her keep her hat and her dare; we will keep our sleep.
The night was uneventful with only one text message from Polly regarding bedtime routines.
When my little sister baby sat, she text messaged me every five seconds with exciting updates. Some were cute little sayings that the kids had come up with, and some were slightly alarming, involving urine. My favorite text of the night was when she sent me a picture of Q’s hand with a giant wad of paper towel covering his palm. It was a huge bandage for a small pinch that occurred while he used his pop gun. Nothing like getting a picture of your son in a giant paper towel cast from your babysitter to put a thrill in your night.
It’s funny to come back to a place that you seem to never leave. Things change…little things. Quinten had “developed” a watch arm:
Today I kept asking him what time it was. He would look at his arm seriously and say, “Ummmmmmmm…..it’s erevran (eleven) o’ clock. It’s not dark outside”. Or something equally charming. He always knew what time it was, even when it was “three five seven”.
Tonight before bed, Q came running in with a foam football, asking me to fix it. He told me someone had been eating it. My suspicions immediately ran to this person:
When Sheldon’s thumb isn’t in his mouth, he’s eating something. (His personal favorite is his brother’s legos, but I did turn around today to find him CHEWING on my VACUUM CORD! I almost had a heart attack. He just smiled, unrepentant. I showed him by sticking him in his exersaucer).
However, after inquiry I found that the football had been eaten by…YOSHI the Shitzu!
So, that’s the drama that’s been happening around here. Perhaps it seems trivial to you, but I would contend that a mysteriously maimed football and a skin watch are pretty exciting. Then again, I don’t get out much.

5 thoughts on “While the Cats Were Away

  1. Thanks so much for your encouraging comment. 🙂 No obligation here — I love your blog! My mom stayed home with me and my sis when we were growing up, and I can't thank her or my dad enough. What an incredible blessing for your kiddos! And for you and your husband, too! Keep it up!:)


  2. A skin watch! Heheheheheh.
    My babysitter is my mom. I rest assurred that my children are being spoiled to the point where they will be sullen and crabby for days to come.


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