The Memorable-ness of Me

Four kids is more kids when you started out with two kids.

What I mean is, we watched Derrick’s cousin’s two children this weekend, adding two kids to our usual dosage. Of course, the new children were perfect and well mannered. They could have been left to their own devices, except our kid started bossing everyone around within an inch of their lives and our other kid scooted around and tried to eat people’s precious lego projects (no surprise there). In general though, Derrick and I were amazed at how easy having four kids under four was. I guess it’s especially easy when you load them all up and drop them off at the church nursery for a while, which is what we did today.
Our church has a stellar childcare program, with security to rival Fort Knox. There are sign-in sheets, and pagers, and background checks for the child care workers, and name tags, and special stickers for when a diaper is changed. I know it’s church but Jesus loves the broken, and sometimes they show up at church, so I appreciate the safety features.
Today when I went to pick up Anna, a sweet four year old who loves to color, the teacher said, “Anna, your mommy is here!”
I didn’t want to cause panic or confusion so I lightly explained that I was not her mommy, but her mother was a cousin of mine. Not the best explanation I guess. The sweet teacher looked at me with a hint of panic.
“Were you the one who dropped her off?”
“Um, yes, here is my pager. Her mother is out of town.”
She eyed me with suspicion. I already had one baby in my arms, and maybe she thought that was enough for anybody.
“Anna honey, do you know this lady? What’s her name?” She asked as she bend down and looked into Anna’s eyes.
Anna looked up at her sweetly threw her arms in the air and succinctly said, “I don’t KNOW!?”
Thanks for throwing me under the bus Anna!
I felt like a kidnapper for the rest of the day. Apparently Anna and I need to hang out more. If we ever go somewhere together again, maybe I’ll make her a shirt with my picture on it.

5 thoughts on “The Memorable-ness of Me

  1. LOL! This is hilarious! I did notice that they were especially watchful and made me sign out Sophie before we left…No matter that Sophie was already half way out the door:)
    Hope you had a great weekend with the crew!


  2. I said, “OH Brother ANNA! There's your brother Sam outside! Let's go!” And marched out of there. I knew the other worker knew I had dropped her off, and I stood outside of the classroom talking for a while, to prove my innocence. It WAS awkward.


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