A Rant and A Raven

Yesterday I cleaned my house and this morning when I woke up a fine mist of toys had settled onto the ground. Dishes were in the sink. I had a two minute discussion with my mother about laundry today. You see, when I do it, I fold it and leave it to be put a way during a magical time when the laundry is actually complete. I hate, hate, hate to walk and put things away in the same place a thousand times over. Let’s just do it once.

The problem with my system is that it isn’t actually ever done, so laundry resides on my couch in all it’s glory.
I cleaned the bathrooms. Later, people had difficulty using the facilities, which I was prepared for.
Then I heard a loud tapping, tapping, on my bathroom floor.
“What are you doing?” I muttered.
Yesterday I told my mother that I couldn’t “in good conscience” go and visit, because I had to clean my house. Then I cleaned my house.
Today I can’t go visit “in good conscience” either. I have to clean my house.
I’ve been trying to live in the moment, and unwrap the gift of each day. Apparently my gift for each day is housework…oh and LAUNDRY!
Recently I read a blog regarding the act of pulling weeds. The author thinks about Dr.’s curing cancer when he pulls the roots out of the ground. Do you know what I think about?
I think, “Hey, why am I pulling weeds?” I still haven’t come to grips with the fact that I don’t have a gardener (or as I would call him, “the groundskeeper”). Where is my personal chef? Where is my maid?!
I swear I thought these were supposed to come with me on my trip to adulthood. It’s why I never learned to cook until I married my husband. Although I was content to eat spaghetti every night, he had other culinary desires. I had to call my mom every time I boiled an egg.
So I’m supposed to be writing about unwrapping the gift of today.
I have now had three sips of coffee. I’m rallying. I think I shall go to my mother’s house after all. You see, she has informed me that there are no dishes on her counter, and no laundry on her couch.
Sometimes the gift of today is getting out of your house (and coffee).
p.s. I could have taken a picture of my house this morning, but I have an image to protect.
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6 thoughts on “A Rant and A Raven

  1. I hope the change of scenery gives you some perspective 🙂 Your house sounds like mine… I waver between giving up hope and becoming a cleaning crazy lady!


  2. Your today sounds like my yesterday…. I left and took the kids to the library… I figured there is always tomorrow. So today I tackled the laundry and the dishes and the floors. Maybe I'll get to the bathrooms sometime this week. Now I am wondering, do I really have to cook dinner? Cereal is sounding really easy to clean up!!


  3. YES! I know! There are certain days where you must step around the mess because it NEVER GOES AWAY (when you have toddlers). Hope your visit was great…mess you will always have, people not so much!


  4. going out sounds better than looking at the mess! but… here, too. i am thankful for a husband who does laundry and helps out… but often we just don't have the energy to carry thru. maybe this weekend. maybe. i hope so…


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