Frosty the Snowman in March

As we were driving along on a beautiful spring day, Q said, “LOOK! Der’s Flosty the Snowman!”.

“Where?” I asked.
“THERE! RIGHT there!” he replied excitedly.
I had an Emperor’s New Clothes moment. Should I pretend to see this mysterious (and probably imaginary) snowman or should I…
“I don’t see him. Hummm” I replied noncommittally.
“Remember the Flosty movie?” he asked me. Then I heard a voice singing lustily,”Flosty the snowman was a jolly happy soouuull.” The song was sweet even if the season was wrong. I decided to join in.
“With his corn cob pipe and his button nose and two eyes made out of coal!” I sang along, thinking to myself, “Self, isn’t this great! You are having a conversation with your child and bonding. Good job self! Memories of singing with mom in the car are being formed…”
NoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo! That’s not RIGHT! Flosty the snowman was a JOLLY HAPPY SOUL! Why you singing it wrong Momma! Don’t sing that! That’s not RIGHT!” He was pretty annoyed.
I turned on the radio. It’s March anyway.

5 thoughts on “Frosty the Snowman in March

  1. HA!! Love it! Nice work mama getting the words all wrong! I love the contrast of motherhood when you think happy memories are being formed and he's just annoyed. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for playing along. That's awesome. šŸ™‚

    Happy Friday!



  2. Laughing. Out loud. Each time i read a post about Q, I can just picture his little face.
    Isn't it funny how quick we are to pat ourselves on the back and how quick they are to ruin it for us?


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