Musings on Frozen Yogurt

I had some frozen yogurt tonight, with a liberal sprinkling of gummy bears.

I love gummy bears. I sometimes pretend my son’s gummy fruit snacks are gummy bears, which’s a funny thing to do since they are gummy bears pretending to be fruit. We’re all pretending.
The yogurt was from a nearby shop that allows you to “build your own”. You can choose your own flavor, and then go about adding toppings with reckless abandon. There are crushed candy bars, graham crackers, fruit, caramel, hot fudge…
I had a friend who loved the frozen yogurt shop as much as I did.
One day, this friend went to the yogurt shop to build herself a bowl of deliciousness. She swirled her paper bowl underneath the yogurt machine and pranced over to the hot fudge station.
There was no hot fudge.
Her world pretty much ended that day…at least, her love of that particular yogurt shop ended. She wanted to write a menacing letter to the owner. I talked her down. Sometimes, you just run out of hot fudge in life, right?
She did write a letter to the editor of our town newspaper when it featured Madonna on the front page. Madonna was coming to town, and it was big news, but not really when you compared it to all the wars and famines and political scandal that the paper usually features on the front page. My friend’s editorial sense exploded, and then she wrote the letter. She used the word “Podunk”. It was published.
I wish she still liked the frozen yogurt shop. It’s easier to get frozen treats when you have a friend. If you go by yourself, people think you are desperate or recovering from a break up.

6 thoughts on “Musings on Frozen Yogurt

  1. JoAnn, I am not lying about my age nor the water I drink. Plain water makes me gag. Also, I was away this weekend at a womens prayer retreat in the mountains and I brought the essentials: Bible, notebook, and a 3 lb bag of gummy bears. I kid you not. I was very popular πŸ™‚


  2. Are you my clone?
    I can drink plain water as long as it has ICE and I have a cup with a straw. I prefer caffeinated beverages though.
    I didn't say “lying” I said kidding…:)
    you give me hope. Maybe I can look good AND eat gummy bears AND drink a lot of sugary stuff. YAY!


  3. Dear Abby… AKA JoAnn, I would love to experiance that very deliciousness that you talk about more often that I do now, which is hardly ever, so if you can find it in your heart to ask an old friend/relative out for a treat when you plan on going next time that would be lovely.
    Your yogurt deprived friend/ relative Amanda.


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