Chicken News: Tales from the Coop!

It’s been a while since I have written about chickens and for some reason, I feel a gravitational pull towards this subject matter. Chickens must be in my blood (thanks mom). Plus, I had this cute baby chick picture that I wanted to share with you:

Isn’t this the cutest? He looks nervous but he also has that glimmer of chicken attitude in his eye.
Sad news has transpired since my last update. The egg that peeped, well that chick peeped it’s last peep. It had an unfortunate run in with water, but I must say that it’s short life was well documented, more so than most chickens anyway. His memory lives on…
We make sure to feed the chickens when we go out to the farm. I like to watch a two year old scattering chicken feed and singing “Old Mac Donald”!
We always have to watch out for the evil goose though.
Once I was attacked by a rooster. At my own house. My PARENTS caught it on video camera, which is a testament to how CONCERNED they were for me. Unfortunately the video hasn’t gone digital, so I can’t share it with you. Plus, SOMEONE recorded over a bunch of home movies when Star Trek Next Generation was going off of the air, so it might not even exist anymore. I guess they figured that the adventures of Captain Picard and Data were much, much more interesting/worth documenting than family home movies. My mother felt otherwise though…
Anyway, if you are ever attacked by a rooster here’s a tip: they tend to flap their wings a lot and peck whenever possible. The rooster that attacked me was going for my face. I just kept kicking it and screaming. Lots of screaming. Oh, and cover your eyes.
I still hate geese more. They don’t peck, they bite.
The End.

8 thoughts on “Chicken News: Tales from the Coop!

  1. Reminds me of the rooster that attacked my grandson when I took him to the neighbor's farm to see all the animals. He probably still has a fear of chickens, 15 years later.


  2. My Father in law was attacked by the Goose at the farm right next to our house… it was so funny!! I went later and took a picture of it and hung it in the guest room so when he got her last time his friend was hanging in there waiting for him. Charity says that the goose is grandpa's favorite animal! So many stories!!


  3. Our rooster was the only thing left standing in the middle of coyote carnage once. Anyone who stepped in the coop was attacked after that…it was the most terrifying beast of my childhood, and I am sure it stood 12 ft. tall (this comment inspired by all the posts I read today…which are all amazing ps)


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