A Barrel of Monkeys

Has anyone poured hydrogen peroxide in your ear?

It happened to me, because I love a family of monkeys.
My cousins were in-town from out-of town, and we had all gathered in my parents living room.
Drowsy, I plopped down on the couch and demanded a head scratch. The ritual grooming began and soon the rest of my cousins were sprawled out getting head and back scratches. If my husband had been over, he would have handed us a banana, but since he wasn’t, the shenanigans went unchecked.
I was dozing off when I felt a shocking cool liquid in my ear. Thank you, dear cousin, for pouring hydrogen peroxide into my ear. I shrieked, but I didn’t move. It bubbled and stewed and I don’t know why I just sat there and accepted my cousin’s weird ritual. But, she guaranteed clean ears. Who can resist clean ears?
When I was a little girl at the doctor’s, he told my mother I had the cleanest ears he had ever seen. I was so proud. I took it as a personal achievement, even though my mother blamed it on frequent swimming pool use. Clean ears are a badge of honor.
The funny thing was, we all ended up with peroxide in our ears. We all lay there like stuffed sea cucumbers, shrieking and yelling out conversation as our ears bubbled. It seemed quite normal at the time.
My ears don’t feel any differently, but I did get to hear about my Aunt’s love/hate relationship Cecil Brunner.
The End

2 thoughts on “A Barrel of Monkeys

  1. Oh my! I think I may need to try one. Of course then I lose my “I can't hear you because my ears are clogged with wax” excuse… But it may be time to think up a new excuse anyway.


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