Spring Fever with a Hand Grenade

Spring is for planning, and plotting, and scheming, and starting.
I want to spend springtime with dirt under my fingernails. I wish to watch my son run about in the sun. I plan on eating grilled food, and lots of pies. I’ll work off those pie pounds by playing and gardening, and even yoga-ing on Saturday mornings with my husband.

I want to play Modern Warfare 2 with my husband. I don’t like these types of games Per Se, but I like the way his eyes light up when I launch a grenade and accidentally kill an enemy. I like how he laughs when I accidentally throw a grenade on myself. I appreciate the fact that he is amused when I can’t-for-the-life-of-me-find-the-door, and run my player repeatedly into a glass window before being shot from behind (this happened twice today). I’m better at Duck Hunt.
I want to read to my children more. Sheldon is at the “open-shut-them” stage: he shuts everything, including picture books. Luckily, I have them memorized and I need no pages, so I will read to him anyway. Quinten is obsessed with the “Giving Tree“, and that puts me in a somber mood, and also in a rhyming mood, and Shel Silverstein is my hero. And yes, his real name is Sheldon.
I want to keep secrets in my pocket. I will disguise them as lint, and washed-up Kleenexes.
I don’t know what that means exactly, I blame Shel Silverstein.
Spring is for planting, and plotting, and scheming, and starting…

8 thoughts on “Spring Fever with a Hand Grenade

  1. Thanks for saying that Jodi…on the day that I yelled at my child. Ok, so I was in another room, and I was yelling “GO TO SLEEP!” and it was 5:30 a.m. but I was still yelling…:( It happens to the best of us.
    Alexis: I think you are laughing because you know what I'm talking about.
    Thanks Amy. It's such a good book.


  2. Oh I love your blogging.
    The new format looks awesome too!
    I bought two new amazing books today which I read happily to my son over and over tonight (I love me a rhyming story book)…
    If I were a lion by Sara Weeks
    Emilys House by Niko Scharer

    Hope you enjoy them!


  3. Melissa, thanks i'll have to check those books out. I feel like a bit of a dork adding the fish to the top, but I'm a sucker for fake pets you can't kill. I'm just glad I'm not being forced to read Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. Worst book for reading, everything is LABELED and there's a thousand things on each page. it was a favorite of Q's for a while. Sob.
    Keli: I hate spongebob. funny story about my checks…hmm. I smell a blog post.


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