Things I Eat

My son’s favorite treat: fruit snacks. In my son’s fruit snack packets, the yellow ones are pineapple flavored. Q hates them.

He used to try to eat them, and I would be presented with fruit snack wrappers with chewed up bits of yellow pineapples in them. Now, he saves them for me and hands them over saying, “Here, I saved this one for you. Here is your pine cone Momma”.
So, depending on who you ask, I like to eat pine cones (but only the yellow ones).
Today I’m linking up with Conversations with my Kid at Moms Without Blogs.

4 thoughts on “Things I Eat

  1. I don't blame him. I like pineapple. Fresh pineapple. But a pineapple flavored fruit snack?

    Hmmmm….not so sure.


    Thanks for playing along!! We are a small but mighty crew. 🙂

    Hope you had a nice weekend.



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