Sparks in the Shadows

It’s an interesting season, this Easter. There is Good Friday, there is Easter Sunday. In the course of three days we go from death to life. And here we are now, in the throes of Spring, and the eggs have been hunted. The theological explanations have been attempted (not easy with a two year old). We have mourned and we have rejoiced. Looking back though, I think I’ve mostly rejoiced. Because even in the dark dusk of today, even in the place where all hope seems lost, there is no defeat. Death has been conquered, and Jesus is ALIVE and He is coming back to gather us home. So, even in the midst of disturbing newspaper articles and natural disasters that challenge our hope, our job is to be thankful and to trust. We know that “The people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”

Here is my list of thanks this week:

126: A chicken stalker that lurks outside my window.

127: Baby Cousins that are only ten days apart (mine is the happy one…okay, mine is the one who is miserable because he didn’t get a nap because his mommy forgot to bring a pack and play to Grandma’s house. Oops).
128: Cousins that are ten days apart. You heard me.
129: Getting your fingers dirty to find something that was lost.
130: A Father who helps you to open things and to realize the outside is only a shell.
131: Making things a little wild and crazy.
132: Purple flowers. A little wild and crazy? I think so.
133: My family. We are all a little nutty, but at least the adults have the sense to pretend to be normal when in camera shot.
holy experience

8 thoughts on “Sparks in the Shadows

  1. Lovely to “meet” you! You don't look nutty to me…I enjoyed this post! 🙂 How fun that your children have cousins so close in age to grow up with ~ those really are wonderful blessings indeed! AND YES!! The LORD is risen…how blessed we are!



  2. It was fun. The chicken is killing me. She has started to chase the dog around.
    Camille: Lovely to meet you too. I am very nutty. Please don't hold it against me.
    Thanks Kit and Mominin and Camie.
    JODI! I am NOT letting that chicken inside. Not until they invent a chicken diaper.


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