Messes that Cling like Black Mold!

Somedays, I sit down to reflect on what happened, and I can’t for the life of me remember. What did I do today? When was there a lego explosion on my carpet? Why is all the toilet paper on my couch?

I cleaned my boy’s room today. It wasn’t super messy (let’s not talk about the playroom), just a few piles of clothes here and there, and the usual smattering of matchbox cars. When everything was in it’s place my son smiled and exclaimed, “Momma! You cleaned the room! It’s all clean and nice and cozy! YAY!”
And then I blinked.
Right now, I’m sitting in a mess of police cars and sandbox shovels and sippy cups and LEGOS. I swore to my husband that it was CLEAN five minutes ago, REALLY!
I guess I’m trying to say that two year old’s may say they like a clean house, but what they really like is cleared space to spread their mess on.
The gift of today is parasitical messiness. Because a messy house means children, and because when he goes to visit Grandma overnight, the toys and stuffed animals seem like ghosts, and I miss him and his GIANT mess.
Although, I will confess that I wouldn’t mind it if people would STOP unrolling the toilet paper when I’m not looking. A song from my childhood has just sprung to mind, and since this is such a personal blog, I shall share it with you. Ahem.
“Stranded. Stranded on the toilet bowl!
What do you do when your stranded…and you don’t have a roooollll….?”
I’ll stop there. It gets worse, and since this is such a tasteful blog, we must remember propriety.
Today I’m linking up with Chatting at the Sky to unwrap the gift of today.

18 thoughts on “Messes that Cling like Black Mold!

  1. You are so funny! I completely agree about the messes- sad when they are here… sad when they are gone! Blessings today as you clean it up again:)


  2. BAhaaaa.
    Yes a cleared space to spread mess is exactly what my kids like too! That is why I merely move the mess and never get around to the cleaning…I don't think they notice that!
    Great writing again!


  3. My MIL once said she loved coming to our home and seeing all the toys laying around. She knew the children were allowed to be children. That has stuck with me all these years. You're doing a great job!


  4. Enjoy the time. I know you've probably heard it before, but the baby/toddler years will quickly pass. Also, the 'Stranded' song was popular when I was a kid. I still remember the words, which I was going to leave here in the comment box and then I remembered the scripture about how older women should set an example for younger women, and I restrained myself. 🙂


  5. Jodi, you kill me. It was a good thing I wasn't drinking milk when I read your comment, because it would have come out of my nose.
    I'm glad I'm not alone guys. Now if someone would please invent a way to make cleaning as fun as blogging….because today I think I may just nap on my laundry pile instead of fold it 🙂


  6. Although my girls are a bit older, they still like those cleared spaces for messes – especially the dining room table for art projects! I truly d0 need to treasure the messes as I know I will dearly miss them when they're gone.


  7. Those darn toilet paper rolls…. too funny. I currently have two un-rollers. I have never heard that song and you have tickled my interest….. 😉 Thanks for stopping by.


  8. Oooooh! I remember once walking into the kids room and seeing Lisa and Martin, sitting in the middle of the bed, stirring a large puddle of finger nail polish, flour, sugar, peanut butter and whatever else that escaped my notice. Oh! for the good old days! Those kids are in their 40's now, and it's THEIR TURN.
    Great blog.


  9. I've never heard of the “Stranded” song before. Now I'm super curious… When I was young there was a commercial with a boy sitting on the toilet and he tells him mom that they've run out of toilet paper. She calls back cheerily “That's okay — we'll get some tomorrow at the Pharmasave Price”. I make the same joke to my daughter every time she's stranded on the toilet, but she has started to hate the joke. Weird, huh — cause it's a pretty funny one…

    PS: I've heard that squishing the tp roll so it's no longer cylindrical helps minimize tp loss (or at least makes it less fun to roll).


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