Conversations with Cars

I was eavesdropping, because that’s what all good Mommies do. Q was in his room playing with his cars, “McQueen” and “Cachuga”.

“I’m sorry”
“I forgive you”
“You don’t need to be sorry. You were just CRASH! Cachuga-ing. You not need to be sorry when you Cachuga Cachuga.”
This is why I have trouble playing with him. I would rather build and create, you know girl stuff. He wants to maim and destroy. I try not to get my feelings hurt when he rams my car and screeches “CRASH!”
My goal for this week: destroy something and be happy about it.

5 thoughts on “Conversations with Cars

  1. Josiah and I have worked out a system of playing together… I build him towers he knocks them down… I set up his cars, he brings in the bulldozer to mess them up… works well for us. Charity isn't so much a fan, she likes what she builds or sets of to be left alone. Poor thing!


  2. Jodi, it's true. There's no stopping it. Kristy, what a great system. I'm more like Charity though.
    Amelia- they can teach us good lessons, but sometimes I'm not in a learning mood. 🙂


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