Encouragement From Cold Coffee

I wander the halls of my house with an half-full cup of freezing cold coffee. I carry it gently, carefully, optimistically, and there is a reason for this.

Being a mother means you carry cold coffee around, waiting for the elusive moment where everyone is happy and the microwave is available. Mothering means living a life of expectations. You see little ones waddling around, throwing tantrums, running noses and making fingerpainted masterpieces. You invest in small people who don’t know how to use a fork and you say, “This is the next model citizen!”.
Being a mother means that you expect your invisible work to pay off. You know that a million diaper changes will change the world, even though no one thanks you and the only immediate reward is freshened air.
We mother in a society where people want immediate results, immediate rewards. Planting a seed and watching it grow, investing in a savings account, repeating anything and doing the regular things in life…those things are pushed aside for the “now”…I got a pamphlet in the mail that said, “Life is too short to clean your own house”…and it made me nervous.
We hire other people to do routine work that is dreary and boring. The mailbox tells us that it’s a waste of an existence to do housework and housewifely things. Sometimes I believe it, but then I catch myself walking around with a cold cup of coffee and I realize that in the midst of the mundane, I have great expectations.

14 thoughts on “Encouragement From Cold Coffee

  1. OMG, that opening sentence is fantastic. “Being a mother means you walk around with cold coffee.”

    I had to laugh the other day, when I opened the microwave at 10:30 PM, and there sat my poor cup of coffee, which must've been reheated at least 10 times that day.

    I never did get to drink it.

    WOnderful post! Thank you.


  2. My husband used to threaten to buy me a coffee mug with a beeper, after finding my cups in some of the strangest places. I don't think I got to drink a full cup of coffee until the kids were grown. Anyhoo, remember “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. You're building kingdom dwellers for this world and the next.


  3. Alright, I'm a bit (okay, a LOT) slow at visiting you, but I've gotta admit, I read your profile and I thought “she's funny” and then I read this post and was like “you had me at hello.” So true and definitely worth a Tweet in my boat….my very first ever tweet on a post written by someone other than myself – you should feel so honored. Or maybe not. I'm gonna do it anyway. 🙂 Here's to cold coffee!


  4. Ditto the Empress. I think my coffee mug lives in my microwave. I find it there nearly every evening. Also, it's become a family joke in my house, yelling to my daughter, “Where did you hide my coffee?” and hearing her respond, “Mother! I did not hide your coffee!” Now that she's off at college, she's gotten very tricky at hiding it from me. It has be her, though. I just know it.


  5. Nancy LOL! When I visit my mom, I find tea cups and half empty cups of diet pepsi in the most random places. Maybe that's why I tote a cold cup of coffee with me everywhere…even the bathroom. We must be thinking deep thoughts.


  6. Love, love, love this post! It's so timely, too, since I got the same flyer in the mail and had the same thoughts. Thanks for writing it out so thoughtfully.


  7. and with this post, you have landed yourself in my Reader, friend. we are of the same mind … just the other day, i was thinking to myself “one day, he will be grown, and though i'll get to drink the coffee hot all the way to the bottom, i will miss the fact that there is no playdough to scrape from the carpet or emergency potty needs to tend to.”

    loved this post.


  8. I. LOVE. THIS.

    Your blogging is also changing the world. Thanks for that. You bless me upon EVERY visit…
    I would love to have a coffee with you someday…cold or not.


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