Baby Steps to the Cheerios

I read the back of the Cheerios box this morning, because I’m always word-hungry. If you register the code online the company will donate a dollar to help the underprivileged get cholesterol screening. I don’t think much about cholesterol screening, and I don’t even like Cheerios (I give them to my son who hasn’t discovered the magical world of frosted cereals), but I thought it would be wonderful if I would get off my lazy end and register the code.

I think about the poor, and caring for them. I know God says we need His heart, and His heart is for the poor. So I try, but sometimes it seems like giving money to various organizations isn’t enough, it isn’t saving the world as fast as I expect it to. I ask God what I can do to make a bigger difference, and dream big dreams of non-profits and living in the ghetto.
“He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” -Proverbs 14:31

Then my grand ideas are faced with a cereal box that asks for three minutes. A dollar that I didn’t spend and doesn’t follow my pet compassion’s, and where’s my parade and peace prize? But if I see it and do nothing, isn’t that being unfaithful in the little things? The box top things change the world.
How often do we do nothing because the something we could do seems too trivial? How many cereal box resources do we squander or ignore because they aren’t glamorous or convenient? The little somethings go unsung, but they are so vital, which is why I’m going to get my cereal box and contribute. Maybe someday, I’ll volunteer at a soup kitchen, but today, it’s cereal boxes. And I write about it because it’s so funny and sad, the difficulty I have with just a little box. What baby steps can you take today to make a difference?

10 thoughts on “Baby Steps to the Cheerios

  1. Chelsey: I can't say enough how much I love “What about Bob?” and how little I like plain Cheerios, but it's funny how things weave together. I think it's also shocking how many things we do in the name of charity for our own praise. Cheerio boxes are humble and not really parade worthy, and so I tend to ignore them.


  2. I was going to post a “What about Bob” quote, but didn't want to ruin your message… But I'll tell you anyways… I haven't watched “What about Bob?” in years, but lately I keep thinking: “I need a vacation — a vacation from my problems”. It's true, but I think my problems would follow me…

    I completely agree about people looking for credit/praise for giving instead of: “when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” Matthew 6:3


  3. The E: Don't tell me that!! I was really just noticing my laziness, and I almost DIDN”T enter the code, because I DIDN'T care enough. I mean, i brush my teeth too, but no one is congratulating me. Shouldn't giving back be the same as brushing? A part of us?


  4. Let me just say, you can't give all the time to everything or else you won't have anything left for your family – or yourself. Mothers give of ourselves every day, so don't lose sight of that!

    Oh – thanks for the clip! I haven't seen that movie and years – love it!


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