Brought Low by the Bottle (of Antibiotics) and A Boy

A whole lot of nothing has been going on over here. Between pee pee events on the church lawn, outings with no socks, and trips to the dentist where our balloon popped (“MY BAWOOOOOOOOOOOON!….AHHHHHHHH!!!), we have been living our life with a bit of zest and a lot of bossiness. This morning, another regular event occurred, but true to form, it illustrates the bumbling way I ramble through life.

I was trying to open a bottle of antibiotics for Sheldon this morning. I turned it and pressed down, and turned it, and checked the direction I was turning it, and turned it some more. Q was watching my struggle and apparently saw that the problem was ME.

“What are you doing Mamma?”
“You have to be soft wiv it.”
“I AM being soft with it”
“Don’t BREAK it Mom! Just be soft”
I tried some more, and I couldn’t get it open. I put it back in the fridge and gave up because I didn’t feel like getting more tips on bottle opening from a 2 year old. I try to retain the shards of my dignity. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take someone pee pee.
Hi. I’m two. I know everything.

14 thoughts on “Brought Low by the Bottle (of Antibiotics) and A Boy

  1. Awesome. You should have given it to him and he would have probably been able to open it!! 🙂

    And where did you get that cool fishy bar thing? I want it!!!

    Happy Friday and thanks for playing along!!



  2. Love it. Well, not really love, more like live it.

    What's that quote about leaving home when you're young and have all the answers? Bet he'd give you some pointers on how to pack his bag 😉

    Ash – over fro Lee's linky – mom of two pretty smart boys myself.


  3. Two year olds definitely know everything. So do 3 year olds. By the time they're 4 they get really manipulative. Or is it just my children?

    Thanks again for stopping by my place & commenting!

    I see your turn on LOL is coming up—awesome!


  4. Hi.Lar.Ious.

    I can't open anything. You are not alone. Maybe it's because I'm not being soft with it? Tell Sheldon I will take his advice next time one of mine needs antibiotics!


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