Grapefruit in the Golden Afternoon

“Think and wonder, wonder and think.” -Dr. Seuss

I sat under a birch tree with a grapefruit, a baby, and a dog with one eye. The sun was golden and soft and the breeze was gentle. The shadows of the leaves danced on our skin, and I watched a small boy run himself out on the lawn.

“Reflect on your present blessings, of which every man has many; not on your past misfortunes of which all men have some. ” -Charles Dickens
A one-eyed dog is not a portrait of beauty, but one-eyed dogs are a most faithful breed. Babies on the grass in spring are an enchanting image until you realize the baby is eating mystery dirt (PLEASE let it be dirt!).
Today I take the mystery dirt and the mangy dogs of life, and squint a little, and see how beautiful life can be.

146. Chicken salad sandwiches with sweet friends

147. Discovering the evil snail that was eating my spinach leaves.
148. Daddies who read bedtime stories
149. Flowers in explosive bloom
150. Spaghetti faced babies
151. New life
152. A nosey goose who sneaks up on you when you try to take award winning pictures of things (but you can’t because the goose is stalking you).
153. Sushi dates with my husband.
154. A little person who asks you to sing, “Schwing yo schweet chariyot” at bedtime.
155. Creamsicles and a good book.
holy experience

22 thoughts on “Grapefruit in the Golden Afternoon

  1. What a wonderful list! Love the pic of the “new life” and the goose! HAHA!! And #154…I won't attempt to re-write that one…but it's TOO cute! 🙂



  2. Beware — there is never just one snail… His whole family is out to get your spinach.

    I love the phonetics: “Schwing yo schweet chari-yot”! So adorable…


  3. Would you stop with the heelarious catchy word sets like one-eyed dogs – I have a seriously hard time concentrating after such visions. And the goose. Now you've got me wanting to live on a farm.


  4. Tamera! You were on the blog in the beginning! Remember my words regarding the very talented decorator who visited my house and noticed the scarecrow in the yard…and it was December?


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