Stealthy Ham and Cheese

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”
“What’s for breakfast?”said Pooh. “What do you say Piglet?”
“I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?” said Piglet.
Pooh nodded thoughtfully.
“It’s the same thing,” he said.”
-A. A. Milne
The first thing I say to myself in the morning is “Where’s my coffee?” but that’s neither here nor there. Wondering what’s for breakfast is the same as wondering what exciting thing is going to happen. I refuse to believe people who imply I have a boring or sheltered or restricted life. I never know if someone will decide to eat stale cheerios off the floor or whack me with a toy sword before I get my contacts in or spill milk in my bed or….
I was outside having a zen moment, trying to get my chicken to eat a snail (she refused). I spent a good ten minutes trying to tempt her with the shell-y slug I found under my spinach, all the while feeling a little guilty (because I secretly find snails to be cute). Here’s what I found on my computer when I came back inside:
He’s reached the stage where he knows that he’s supposed to smile when he’s getting his picture taken and it’s gotten very hard to get a natural smile from him…this is a classic example of the grimace that now comes with the words, “CHEESE!”
There aren’t words. He’s a ham. I don’t know where he gets it from. Really. I don’t.
Let me just say that I didn’t teach him about the camera on my computer. Under ideal circumstances, my computer is off limits (he’s not wearing a shirt because he had already gone on a hose rampage that resulted in a soaked boy and a soaked mommy…mischievous boy!).
Note the man-legs reclining on the chair in the background. I think he’s watching golf, not minding the photo shoot that is happening with mom’s sacred computer…
A partner in crime.
This is just a small sample of the photos that were waiting for me. I refused to participate because the camera on my computer always makes me look like a reflection in a spoon: shiny, round and disproportionate. Besides, this seemed to be a male bonding thing.
The gift for today is excitement…and Cheese! for Hams.

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32 thoughts on “Stealthy Ham and Cheese

  1. Kids are full of surprises indeed! Thanks for you sweet comment. It's always nice to be missed. Between travel and life being crazier than it normally is, my poor pet blog has been neglected. I've missed it.


  2. One of my sons was fascinated with cameras and took pictures of everything. I have so many “gifts” from him — food we ate, Lego men, garbage men, people who smoked, me with the mop.

    Now he's a man. He has no time for such silliness.

    But I still have the pictures.


  3. you're hilarious! this was great. my 3 yr. old son was standing beside me for a second when i pulled your blog up, and he said, “mommy, who are they?!” i tried to explain the blogosphere to him, and then he said, “mommy, after my nap i want to go there!” 🙂


  4. Cheesy smiles are the worst, especially when you've paid a fortune for professional family portraits..

    But wait – did you say you have a CHICKEN?!?! Cause I'm eating some right now and am now feeling a bit, well, uncomfortable!


  5. When my husband and I were newlyweds, we saw a movie called the Lou Gehrig Story. In the movie, Lou says to his beautiful wife, “Where's my coffee, ya old bag?” The hubs and I thought this line was hi-larious. We've been saying to each other ever since. Whoever wakes up latest gets to say it. That's usually me, heh heh.

    Your son is adorable. Love the cheesy smile. When my oldest daughter was his age, she wanted to be a Cabbage Patch doll. So every time we would take a picture of her, she would suck her cheeks in to make herself look like one! We have a million pictures of her making this bizarre expression. Anyway, I'm sure this is way more information than you wanted. But I loved the post.


  6. You had me so totally confused when I read you tried to get your chicken to eat a snail….I just didn't know if that was a metaphor for something super strange, or if you indeed have a chicken. Further research proves you do actually have a chicken. Go figure.

    The boys are smart. They all know that if they look cute, punishment will be far less painful. Love the reclining legs, however. So typical.


  7. So cute!

    I especially loved “Partners in Crime.” That happens often with mine, and I'm totally outnumbered with four boys and a dad!

    Love your blog.


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