Frogs and Funkytown

Gratitude is a choice. It’s seeing the flowers despite the weird rust disease they have on their leaves. The snapdragons are fading in my garden, they have rusty leaves that signal the end of a season, but they don’t care, they’re still blooming with their whole heart. So, I’m leaving them in my flower bed to bloom their brains out, because a little rust isn’t going to spoil the flower for me.

This week I’m pushing aside the rusty parts of life and finding the bloom.
156. Bike rides with the whole family. Sheldon kept trying to pull his helmet off, and Q kept poking him but we made it around the block last night. Today we will try again, because spring bike rides are wonderful, even when kids are fighting in the bike trailer.
157. A new pet found in our backyard. Great, now I have a chicken and a giant frog. My two year old is super excited though.

158. Playing outside on the grass on a warm breezy spring day.
159. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!
160. Trips to the nursery to buy FLOWERS!
161. Long overdue pedicures
162. A boy who follows you around, pointing at your toes saying, “Where’s your purple toes? What happened to your purple toes?” after you change your seasonal toenail polish.
163. Hearing what God is doing in other women’s lives.
164. Celebrating a year of bible study with my sweet group of ladies and looking forward to next year.
165. Babies who are getting bigger and more hilarious every day.
167. Nicknames. When we named Sheldon, we worried about calling him Shelly, but who knew we would call him Jack-Jack. (In the movie The Incredibles, the baby is peaceful and friendly until threatened and then Watch OUT! He sets people on fire and screams.) Sweet Sheldon is all smiles until you make him mad. Then it’s Jack-Jack time.
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15 thoughts on “Frogs and Funkytown

  1. I agree. Gratitude is so essential and important. So important to model for our children. we must find happiness, look for it, appreciate it and recognize it.
    That's the biggie: recognize it.

    Nice job. Thank you.


  2. So glad you have a separate tag for toenails. I think a decent pedicure now and then is essential for maintaining some semblance of mental health. My toes are bright pink right now–officially “Pink Rocks” in solidarity with my rock star diva friend who is battling breast cancer.


  3. I think we should start a sisterhood of pedicures.I can never paint my hands because of my job,but no one can see my toes! dark blue is my favorite color.Feeds my inner punk.

    #165-SO ADORABLE!!!


  4. “Gratitude is a choice.” Yes, ma'am. As I'm walking my two-year-old through “making good choices,” I keep finding myself bumping into my own words.

    Also, totally unrelated, I am convinced that that frog participated in the Pharaoh plagues.


  5. I'm thinking I need to join in on this meme – it would be good for me to focus on the positives in my life right now!

    That video – PRICELESS! Jack Jack is adorable ๐Ÿ™‚ We call our Jack, Jackers, JayYo, Buddy….and all we were going to call him after he was born was JJ. Go figure.

    Kids fighting in the trailer: been there, done that. It'll get better. Promise.


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