Appreciating the Regular and Maybe-Not-So-Fabulous

It started off being a comfortable day, until about 1 p.m. when my preferred pace of snail was disrupted because I remembered I’d signed up to take food to a family today. This family had just celebrated the arrival of their first child. They needed food.
When I had my first born, it was a fog of confusion and worry that kept me in my pajamas most of the day. There was no way I could cook, much less brush my teeth. Thankfully our church has a ministry for new moms, and they brought us food for a few weeks. In a flood of gratitude, I signed up for the ministry as soon as I could find my way back to pants with buttons on them.
“But whoever has the world’s goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him? Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.” 1 John 3:17-18

It’s one thing to offer to serve someone food when you have a personal gourmet chef and unlimited resources. It’s another thing when your culinary skills are…forced. I am not much of a cook. I have extremely high standards and an aversion to raw meat. I don’t like vegetables much either, and if I had remained single, I’m pretty sure I would be eating spaghetti every night; noodles don’t gross me out.
I settled on BBQ’ed chicken, salad, and baked potatoes. It didn’t seem like it was grand enough, you know? I wanted to send them king crab legs (no idea how to make those) on a sliver platter. Stressed to the max, I was searching desperately for a lid to match my Tupperware container (lost cause), and I realized that I don’t think my food is good enough for them, and they’ll discover I’m average at best. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons why people don’t serve their neighbors.
Do I want people to look at me and see humble chicken and taters?
Noooooo. Not good enough.
As I stood, stressed in my kitchen, I realized I am not okay with being a person that tries, but might end up giving you over-cooked potatoes. I’m not okay with being someone who sends mismatched Tupperware. I’m too afraid of being mediocre to help out.
“The sin of ingratitude is one of our most wicked rebellions” -Robert Barnes
I’m afraid that what I have to offer doesn’t line up with my outer celebrity, but really, all I have to offer is what God has given me, right? Sometimes being grateful for what you have takes bravery and stepping outside of your comfortable fantasy life of caviar and servants, but when you decide to be grateful it becomes easier to serve others. And people need you to love on them. And that’s what God is all about.
“Freely you have received, freely give.” – Matt 10:8b

Today’s gift is stepping out of comfort zones to serve others, and being grateful that I can do it…with the help of a cute husband to do the grilling (thereby allowing me to pass on the raw-meat-touching phase of the meal. I know, I’m a huge baby).

Today I’m linking up with Chatting at the Sky to unwrap the gift of today. Click below to find more people who look for presents in the ordinary (and in my case: boring, raw chicken).

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25 thoughts on “Appreciating the Regular and Maybe-Not-So-Fabulous

  1. It can be the hardest thing to do to accept that our surroundings and what we have to work with are very much okay and more than enough…but it can be the most liberating!!!


  2. ok i knew i would like your blog because of your about me section and the title of your blog, alone. any woman who mentions boogers and ostriches…that is talent! haha but anyway, i am thankful that i came across this post. i love how God works. 1 john 3:17 has been on my mind since this weekend. and to read it on a blog that i have never visited before is exciting. glory to Him.


  3. this truth struck me… I'm afraid that what I have to offer doesn't line up with my outer celebrity. and i wonder if i have created the “celebrity” or if it has just been put upon me on my good days… anyway, thanks for the reminder that all i have is what God gives 🙂 and yay for husbands who will touch the raw chicken!


  4. That's so funny. I will always use mismatched Tupperware for myself, but for others, “it's got to be a presentation.” Sometimes my motive is way off with it, and other times I know that presentation shows you went the extra mile to feel special. I want to offer what I have to others in humility…just sometimes I feel a little ashamed at what I have to bring…which is not humility at all but an actual form of pride. Who knew BBQ chicken could get us on our knees at the feet of the Father?


  5. Dang girl. Despite your physical self not being near me, you certainly smacked me upside the head with that. I was just discussing this with our Bible study group, in reference to our messy houses…and that we wouldn't think twice about going over to someone elses “messy” house, yet we CANNOT have anyone over to OUR disaster of a house. So same goes for food or anything else in life…..and it all boils down to pride. Stupid prideful humans we are.

    I bet your meal was MUCH appreciated – mismatched Tupperware and all.


  6. You know what I did for someone? It was SO yummy and easy and, of course, appreciated! I bought one of those rotisserie chickens and shredded it into a big foil container (the disposable ones, like you buy at the grocery store to cook a turkey in or whatever) full of bow tie pasta and spaghetti sauce. Made a salad in a smaller disposable container. Brought a loaf of garlic bread. And some type of dessert (cookies, ice cream, whatevs). It was SUPER EASY for me, and the new parents always appreciated 1) not having to wash out and worry about returning tupperware or bowls and 2) they had enough for leftovers. Plus it's really tasty!


  7. I feel like an inadequate cook, but brought a meal to a church family who were in the hospital with their newborn who had to have surgery. I made them a tuna casserole. Not very gourmet, but I went out of my comfort zone and gave my mediocre meal.

    Since then I've come to know this family more. They're the kind who will invite you over for supper at the last minute and serve you kraft dinner. They know that it's the fellowship that matters and not the meal.

    PS: I'm totally with you on the raw meat. I told my husband before we got married that I was a 'vegetarian cook' so anything other than that would be a pleasant surprise to him.


  8. I'm so glad to find out I'm not the only one who stresses out about taking food to people.

    What you said really strikes a chord with me. I'm taking food to a family tomorrow night and I've been worrying about it for days. Thanks for making me laugh at myself- after of course enjoying laughing at you:)


  9. I totally agree with you….. serving others is a bit unnerving. Although, having been on the receiving end several times…. anything you don't have to cook yourself tastes good.

    What a wonderful gift!
    Have a beautiful day!


  10. so I am adding to your plethera of comments… helpful hint that works for me… I put plastic bags on my hands when I am touching raw meat!! Troy laughs at me, but it works extremely well!!


  11. so very true, this.

    and, i've also noticed, how hard it can be for us to BE SERVED — to accept service and not feel an automatic “now i need to repay them somehow” response. i totally relate to what you're saying here.


  12. How did I miss this??? Last Wed. I had signed up to take dinner to a family in our SS class who had just delivered baby #6. SIX.

    I spent two straight hours while C was at school and R & S were napping cooking like a house a'fire. Wondering how much a family of eight (including 3 teenagers) eats. Worrying about whether or not I'd get my blasted bowl back.

    And then, the potatoes were lumpy. And I picked the biggest lumps out by hand…the noodles were bland…I thought I wasn't sending enough. I thought I was sending TOO much. I wanted them to feel blessed. But I didn't want them to feel like I had done too much.

    Yada yada.

    I sapped the blessing right out of the serving. I do it all the time.

    I am in awe that part of our week was so closely aligned, yet again.

    ps- You's a good writer. 🙂


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