For Alexis (Pictures of Two Hours in Spring)

I have been watching my nieces today while their mother is out of town.

Of course, the chicken was a highlight. Some people really enjoyed carrying Peaky around. When Peaky wasn’t being carried, she was being chased. I say it’s good for chickens to be harassed a little. I like scrambled eggs.

Q loved having brave cousins who would hold the chicken while he stealthily and from a safe distance, pet it.
Of course, some people prefer snails over chickens. Notice my son is observing again. I guess he’s a bit timid around wildlife.
He was so busy observing his cousins playing with creatures that he forgot about his own call of nature. Of course I’m the type of mom to go inside for more clothes, only to come back two seconds later to see this:

Naked Bacon!
He needed a tan anyway.

18 thoughts on “For Alexis (Pictures of Two Hours in Spring)

  1. JoAnn,
    Thank you SO much for posting these pictures. I miss my girls and it was so nice seeing pictures of what you were describing to me over the phone.
    Awe, cousins are a beautiful thing! (and Peaky too)


  2. Oh, your boy has me laughing out loud! I love how he tries to sneak a little pet of the chicken, and the last picture, hysterical. πŸ™‚ Gotta love kids.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the quirky snaps of here on yours. It's refreshing! πŸ™‚


  3. I haven't read this blog post…although seeing a naked bum up there makes me realize I need to take a quick read through. I was actually hopping over from My life in a blog and I wanted to say that I think I need to start stalking you and trailing you from site to site. Your comments are as funny as a blog post!
    Now, excuse me, I have a bare bum post I need to read.


  4. My son loves to get his “tan on” that way, too. Boys! Oh and cousins (sigh) I wish the boys cousins were closer. It is a beautiful thing to be close to family.

    Your blog is adorable. I really hope you don't mind if I follow along.

    oh and that song that it reminded you of was “fishin in the dark” by the nitty gritty dirt band. I had the song in my head and I wrote the words out… I didn't even realize it until you said they reminded you of a song.


  5. So funny! I think my step-daughter would still be naked if she could get away with it. Unfortunately for her, streakin' fourth graders just aren't as broadly accepted in society.

    Great to find you through High Calling Blogs!


  6. bbcd: I KNOW! I made a vow not to post anything that would hurt him if he ran for political office, but I have a feeling this entire blog will haunt him if he's ever in the public eye….moms are just SO embarrassing now days, posting personal business on the internet…


  7. you know what i love most about this? how all the kids in the photo are completely nonplussed by the lack of clothing. (and also the phrase 'naked bacon,' which is now a happy part of my working vocabulary.)


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