Tough Times In The Middle

It seems like everyone is dealing with tough times lately. Some times are tough because of mysterious tough auras that hang over like a cloud, some times are tough because of actual circumstance….bad economy, bad friends, bad enemies, bad news…and on this tough trek where life happens, I’ve been looking forward to today. Today is when I take stock of the blessings in my life. Today is when I remember that there are always gifts, spilling over, knock your socks off gifts. And the thing I’m reminding myself (because it takes a lot of reminding sometimes) is there is always hope. And my hope comes from the Gift Giver.

Generous beyond measure, loving beyond circumstance, in His light, we see light.
168. A husband who loves me when I’m being crazy, like asking him to stop at the gas station to buy a soda for me…before church…when we are already at church (it was delicious by the way).
169. A son who is going to be one tomorrow
170. A birthday party for a boy…an excuse to make a crazy hat. I love crazy hats.
…see? Isn’t this cheering you up too?
171. Homemade (from a box), tractor cakes for a farm party. I think homemade should be a little messy, because then everyone knows it was made with love, not with skill. Of course, maybe it would be best to be made with love and skill…but if you had to choose, love wins right?
172. Someone who likes cake! (Other people cried when I tried to feed them birthday cake for their first birthday, so I’m really appreciating a baby who likes sugar).
173. Grandpas to take us for rides through the trees.
174. Someone to hold us when we are tired.
175. A husband who comforts crying boys at night.
176. Pizza and Settlers of Catan with friends.
177. Hearing a one year old boy make car noises while pushing his toy around. Of course, he hasn’t said “mama” yet, but the car noises are so cute they make up for it.
178. A boy who brings me bath toy ducks and says, “Quack, I need water. Pwease turn on da sink”.
179. Words. I just love words. Especially poems. Especially truths. Especially mysteries and sounds and stories.
180. Sparkly toenails.
181. Communion (where I accidentally cut in front of a few hundred people…oops). It was really wonderful to walk and sing with people who need His blood and flesh to live abundantly.
182. the smell of jasmine.
183. Accidentally programing Sheldon’s talking toy dog to say, “I love chickens. I would like a blue chicken that eats chicken pot pie”. Oops. I didn’t realize the boys favorite animal, color and food would all be combined into a mutant cannibal chicken. Good thing my son’s vocabulary is limited.
184. God’s sovereignty and the knowledge that I can’t see the big picture or the end of the story. And the knowledge that the end of the story is good and beautiful. It’s comforting to realize after watching “River Monsters” last night and seeing all the scary Snakehead fish that have invaded Florida. They can eat dogs people!
I’m not trying to sound trite, this stuff really freaks me out. It’s nice to know that a perfect world is coming, especially when I can’t see it.
holy experience

21 thoughts on “Tough Times In The Middle

  1. the hat: instant cheer up. like paper Prozac. amazing.

    the cake: you rock, mama. i heart moms who aren't afraid to thumb their noses at Martha and let their inner cake sculptors breathe…


  2. Love this post and the T.S. Eliot quote on the top? It is one of my favorite quotes in the whole wide world.

    I count my life up, adding up the smallest of blessings to equal a bounty of treasures.

    You summed it up eloquently.


  3. My son (4) was thrilled to see the cake and birthday boy! Happy Birthday Sheldon!

    I gave my husband Settlers of Catan for Christmas, but we haven't had the chance to play it yet! Let's get together sometime!


  4. awe, thanks so much for your sweet comment, JoAnn! I was getting all your random references b/c I read your calamine lotion post yesterday. 🙂 So far we haven't heard anything from the dog-bitten man. And all of these sound wOnderful, especially pizza and Settlers!


  5. wow! that is an awesome cake! i seriously have no good cake making abilities. i do in my head. however, the reality is a different story. i would tell you to read my blog posts about that but you may be defamed a little:)


  6. i am a blubbering mess. thank you. thank you. God is the giver of good… oh, how i needed to hear this. you don't know… you are a gift to me tonight. i will be back. i like crazy hats too. 🙂 emily.


  7. Those picture of your son makes me want to come right over and kiss those juicy cheeks! He is adorable!! And your cake looked awesome!


  8. Oh! I just loved this post also. What a great post. Happy Birthday to your baby. The cake looked PERFECT! There was nothing NOT perfect about it. : ) I agree. Love is the best thing to put into a cake. Skill Schmill! : ) Who needs it!
    Love the ride with Grandpa and the rocking with Grandma. I can just tell I love this blog. Awesome!


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