I Like Bugs! I Like Bugs!

The gift for today is: APHIDS!

“What?” you ask,’ Those hideous microscopic green things that eat roses and plants and all things beautiful? The insects that leave holes and mucus wherever they roam?”
Example A (my sad little tomato plant):
Yes, yes. Aphids. Aphids are today’s gift, because “There can be no good news without bad news. We cannot celebrate redemption until we know we are slaves.” -R.C. Sproul Jr.

And when your roses and tomatoes are crying out with the bad news of pestilence, it’s simply a reason to get ladybugs.
Very exciting!VERY! EXCITING!
Of course, some people were less excited than others….
…and this is what happens when you let your husband take pictures. I couldn’t get the box open OKAY?
Aren’t they lovely? Delightful little creatures.
We really enjoyed them. This picture is before we decided to blow on them and scare them by growling like a lion.
For more gifts for today, check out the link below:
tuesdays unwrapped at cats

16 thoughts on “I Like Bugs! I Like Bugs!

  1. Oooh My son LOVES lady bugs! I'll have to show him this tomorrow! Your yard looks so lovely and green!



    BTW I ate both!


  2. that's great! never knew that was a cure before. mine have been ALL about bugs lately…so much that when my son found an ant crawling on his tray (dinner in front of a movie this weekend) (and yes, we have ants inside that won't go away) he said, “not on there, little bug.” i about died. compassion on an ANT!


  3. Ok, first off…very excited to see aphids meet there end.
    Secondly, I did not mean that you were boring and no fun. I meant that when compared to your blog people felt like they were boring andno fun. simple grammar mistake (is anyone else concerned that I am hosting and teaching others with this blog improvement stuff????) Anyway, if it needs to be done I can announce to the blog word that you are fun. Really fun.
    More fun than you can shake a stick at (which begs the question, 'who shakes a stick at fun in the first place' Perhaps some resident old wizened woman who walks with a stick everywhere and yells “Boo! A pox on you and all your fun! Boo!!!” You are fun…although, I don't think you evoke any women with sticks to yell or shake twigs your way…unless they are the women who compare themselves to your blog and feel that they are no fun and boring


  4. Love the contented look on the “less excited” one! And yes, I've had those pics taken of me when my hubby has his hands on the camera…what's up w/ that? Anyway, great post!


  5. Oh diva, your post yesterday was my favorite thing! I told my husband about it, chuckling and giggling, and he was like, “Are you SURE she MEANT to say you WEREN'T BORING and NOT FUN? Maybe she doesn't like you and really thinks that.”
    To which I, with my giant head said, “NO NO NO! She's not like that! AND I”M SO MUCH FUN! I'm Hilarious! LAUGH WITH ME! LAUGH!”
    And then we grabbed some sticks….

    anyway, thanks mary, kathleen, erin, vicky. Melissa, I don't know if it will work. I've never tried it before…but it was FUN!


  6. Another thing to love about your family! We are an insect family, too.

    There is a museum that is having a traveling bug exhibit. The Racine Art Museum and they have some cool stuff online to look at. Love the first pic of your little guy.


  7. ha…my second child used to roar at the ladybugs that congregated in our dining room window like nobody's business. such a splendid memory. (that was many moons ago…nowadays he's a sophisticated nine years old and far too cool for such antics. alas.)


  8. Gotta love that picture of you! You can come over here and get all the lady bugs you want in my house. They are just now disappearing to the great outdoors and reside on my river birch in the backyard.


  9. Oh course in the all-boy household, we love ladybugs, too — all bugs, in fact!

    What a sweet post.

    And thanks for your funny comment on my blog today – -that one made me laugh!


  10. I love this post SO much. SO, so much. First of all, aren't ladybugs the cutest little creatures ever? And those boys of yours… pure deliciousness! : ) I also learned the blowing trick. Who knew? : )

    I am so glad I clicked over via your comment at Chatting at the Sky. I thought what you said about followers and all that other stuff was so good! : ) Very wise advice. What a pretty blog you have.


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