A Life Lesson From Sheldon

The other day, when we were outside gardening, I let my baby eat a goldfish cracker.

It had an ant on it.
I was busy pulling a weed, and I had dirty hands, and I saw him raise the cracker to his mouth, and this is what I decided:
“You’re never too young to learn that life is a goldfish cracker with an ant on it.”

or for those of you who aren’t into extremely vague and kooky metaphors:
“Life is a delicious treat seasoned with some tough bugs.”
And in the fashion of wise people and children, he ate the cracker, bug and all, and thought it was delicious. He didn’t let the ant ruin his life, or his cracker…
I’m sorry Sheldon, but it was for your own good.
The End.

10 thoughts on “A Life Lesson From Sheldon

  1. Phoebe was 1 and started sucking the end of a garden hose. I figured, what didn't kill her would make her stronger and well she is here today and you should see her muscles


  2. sry spelled something wrong and didnt catch it!! what i meant to say was…

    too funny!! my youngest sister once ate a dead fly off a window sill….eeewwww


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