How To Wash Your Brain

Today I washed my brain in roses, and now my heart feels light.

I was surrounded by overwhelming, succulent beauty. Later, I would read Tennyson and start a poem of my own, only to quit after the first line because it involved washing brains. However, since this is a personal blog, I have included it above, for posterity’s sake.
When I focus on the flowers, the only place for busy thoughts are with the bees.
Hello Joseph, you are my favorite. You are delicious.
Some roses make me hungry. Even after two scoops and a cone-full of homemade strawberry ice cream.
Sometimes all you need is a hat to find happiness.
Or, a pot to find mystery and dark, secret tunnels.
In this world, it’s perfectly rational to plant a flower garden in the nutrient rich…sand.
And we leave Papa and Great-Grandma’s house with dirty hands, and dirty knees. We smell the faint, seductive smell of roses and we know that this day was not wasted.
I still have pollen on my soul. It’s very refreshing.

17 thoughts on “How To Wash Your Brain

  1. What poem? Guys, what POEM?
    I had one line and then quit. This is just a story about roses…and a line from a poem that I was going to write and then quit.

    FPFG, you sound like you need to wash your brain in SOMETHING…maybe the rain will have to do? 🙂


  2. I love your words here. Funny you should mention strawberry ice cream since I personally think some roses smell like strawberries… mmmm. Can't wait till my roses come up.
    For a long time, my computer wouldn't let me onto your blog.. weird. Now I get to savour awhile.
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments, JoAnn.


  3. funny you should write this, as for the past few weeks I have literally stopped to smell the roses and they are amazing and really remind me that there is definitely a power out there greater than me to be sure.


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