Brown Blobs on my Blog

Since it’s Friday, I shall reveal something that one doesn’t see every day.

You’re confused?
Wondering what that spiky brown blob is, and wondering why I’ve put it on my precious, intimate, high quality blog?
That my friends, is a picture of two baby itty-bitty hummingbirds nestled up in their nest. Ugly. Amazing. They have hatched!
My mother reports that they basically don’t do anything at this point. They are quiet and sleepy, and if it weren’t for the one time my mom saw their mommy bird feeding them, she wouldn’t have known they were there.
Speaking of, what do baby hummingbirds eat? Sugar water?
Speaking of babies, I took mine to his first session of Physical Therapy today.
He has low muscle tone, which makes him capable of amazing yoga poses, but incapable of pulling up to stand.
At therapy he wore a t-shirt that said, “I get my muscles from my daddy”. Tee-hee. Inside jokes are fun no matter what the circumstances.*
We had a super sweet Therapist who was very supportive, because when you have a little one who isn’t doing what he’s supposed to do, you get stressed out.
I have a gray hair. I’m going to name it Low Muscle Tone.
We don’t anticipate hanging out at the Therapy joint for too long. Between now and our next session we are going to focus on gentle bouncing and side tilts, and Mommy is going to try to prevent massive amounts of face-plants, which heretofore I had been allowing in the name of the School of Hard Knocks.
Sheldon was a sweetheart through the whole thing…for about 20 minutes.
Then he looked like this:
My mother was kind enough to babysit Q for me. She took him to Costco where he miraculously stayed INSIDE the cart, and she fed him pizza and lemonade. Later, she drove home, 45 minutes away, with his car seat in her car.
I’m stranded at my house, I have a gray hair, and adorable baby, a pizza filled 2 year old, and I may or may not have eaten a cheeseburger for breakfast.
Maybe this sounds like a bad day. It’s actually been a sweet day because I’ve had lots of one-on-one time with Sheldon, I feel like I’m getting tools to do something productive for him, cheeseburgers are delicious, and when you feed a 2 year old pizza, he’s very, very happy.

*His daddy is actually extremely buff and sometimes he looks like the Hulk, and is married to someone who tries to work this picture into her blog as often as possible (hehehehe):

16 thoughts on “Brown Blobs on my Blog

  1. Your posts crack me up! How did you manage an inside-of-the-nest humming bird photo? I love humming birds. I rescued one once, but that's another story. I'll pray for your little guy and his muscles. We spent the first three years of our oldest daughter's life at Children's Hospital; she had some complications, so I know what you mean about gray hair and stress. Fortunately, we have a God who cares and hears us.


  2. You have a lot of amy posters on your blog I just noticed… I feel right at home then. obviously.

    I am SO glad that you are figuring out stuff that can help you with your little guy and I know how stressful it can be when things don't go right or when you're wondering if you're doing it right.

    I think it is totally appropriate for you to include the picture of your hulk. Matter of fact, my husband would probably read your blog if he saw that picture πŸ˜‰ Men are like that you know. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I love that you got a picture of the hummingbird's nest too. I thought it was going to be something gross… so I was excited to find out what it was! We have a nest in our tree now and yesterday I sat there for 20 minutes with my arms in an upraised position waiting to get a picture of the mommy feeding the babies which FINALLY I did… though my arms were shaking from standing there so long, I don't know if it came out… πŸ˜‰

    anyway, I could go on, but you're probably wondering who in the world I am… hahahahahah

    amy in peru


  3. K… love the inside joke t-shirt that he wore to therapy!!! and the Dodge Ball pic… I'm glad First Therapy Day went OK… well, mostly OK, and I know he will be running before you know it :o). And what do you think a Sausage Egg McMuffin is? You just took out the egg this morning, which means less calories for you. Way to go!!


  4. love to you and your sweet fam! maybe sheldon should come work out w/ me and tam at lamont's class- he'll whip that baby right into shape! (haha) we missed you at mic, but now after reading your blog i remember why u couldn't come. i have too many things in my brain!


  5. Inside jokes are fun and make life more bearable at times. That photo of your husband too…

    That's good that Sheldon is getting physical therapy. I hope he makes progress in “leaps and bounds”.


  6. ONE gray hair???!!!!! I used to pull mine out one at a time and distinctly remember the day I looked in the mirror and realized they'd defeated me.

    I personally think of hummingbirds as love notes from God.

    And, if you can't brag on the internet about how good looking you think your husband is, then what's the point?


  7. oh girl, you are such a good mommy. i like that you've named your grey hair. and that you ate a cheeseburger for breakfast. and i love little sheldon… i want to give him a hug. i had a crazy day; meant to write you back… will do asap. peace.. e.


  8. You make me laugh so hard! I love you!

    BTW, my 5-year-old announced a couple of days ago as we were sitting on the couch, “I'm going to pull out your grey hairs.” And I responded. “Nooooooooo! I'll be bald!!!!!” I am seriously grey. Seriously low muscle tone.

    Have a great weekend — so glad we have met via blogging!


  9. I had the same three gray hairs forever. Then, like a bunch of gerbils they multiplied. Sadly, I cannot kill them off permanently. I originally named the first three



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