22 thoughts on “The Whispery Things

  1. oh sister, and the beauty is: there is so much in common between the tiny on the finger and the tiny in the roos …

    love how your madhouse looks like my madhouse.


  2. That last pic made me miss my baby boy! He's 10 now and wouldn't be caught dead in Buzz Lightyear undies, much less prancing in the sprinklers! LOL! How precious those little ones are!


  3. I love the Buzz undies! My daughter (now 6) was such a Buzz fan when she was potty training that I had to search everywhere for Buzz underwear because she wouldn't give up her Toy Story Pull Ups! And then she'd wear them backwards so she could see the picture on the front! lol…


  4. This post is my favourite. Brings tears to my eyes as it inspires me to take note of the little details. Won't we sooo miss the undies in the sprinkler days?


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