Trains on Brains

Now you may be asking yourself, “What the heck did she do to Q?!?! He looks like he’s reached the brink and then went two more feet!!”*

Sheldon passed out in the car seat almost immediately afterwards.
This is what happens to small children they have TOO MUCH FUN!!
We went to Sacramento to visit cousins and the Train Museum….or as Q refers to it (with authority), “The Trainseum“.

Before going to the Trainseum, we snacked on garlic fries in Downtown Sacramento while we waited for Uncle Johnny to figure out how to park his car without getting a parking ticket (he still got a parking ticket).
After garlic fries, we realized we were hungry. So we did the only sane thing to do. We postponed the Trainseum for lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack on the river.
Luckily we sat outside…
…because we were sort of a crazy, loud, wild crew.
At the Crab Shack, I felt it was my duty to try crab. Bleh. It tastes like fishy nothing, and it’s impossible to eat. Next time I’m ordering a Cobb Salad.
Here’s a token picture of two cute babies. The one in the red is Jake, and you can read the amazing poem his mommy wrote about him here. The one in the green is Sheldon. I didn’t write him a poem…he’s deprived.
At the train museum, for the first time ever, my two year old stopped his orbit while the rest of the world swirled around him.
Can you believe how giant that train is? The wheels are the size of my husband!
Interesting note about the train museum: all the docents are cute old silver haired gentlemen who like to make faces at babies and try their darnedest to interest preschoolers in railroad history.
Interesting note about my husband: he thought I was making up the word “docent”.
Interesting note about me: I was a docent in 4th grade at our local city museum for school. I dressed like a pioneer girl, and my mom made me a bonnet.
My guys love trains!
All in all, it was a fun day at the Trainseum. The end of the trip was less picture perfect, with a long drive home, lots of screaming, indigestion, and Veggie Tales, but we still had fun.
* that little bottle in Q’s fist is a train in a bottle. It took us three hours to convince him that he couldn’t get it out. He tried to fish it out with a straw, he tried shaking it, he tried yelling at it. It was making him crazy. Helpful tip: Don’t buy your kid a train in a bottle unless you’re prepared to explain how it got in there, and why it can’t get out.

22 thoughts on “Trains on Brains

  1. I love it! Especially the story @ the train in the bottle.

    Looks like a terrific museum. There's a museum of Transport in St. Louis that we took our kids to a couple of years ago–not nearly so neat, tidy and put-together as the Trainseum, but truly amazing. They have two whole pavilions of old steam trains in various stages of disrepair–some of them dating back almost to the beginning. It's a great place to visit.


  2. As an experienced mom all I had to do was see those first two shots to know that you had an awesome day!!

    My favorite shot is the one you took inside in front of the train with the motion blur.

    Oh and thanks for “awarding” my foot shot. That really made me smile. 🙂

    Have a great day!


  3. Ha! The train in a bottle was payback for Christmas nail polish and makeup.;) Great post with amazing pictures. I loved the one of Q staring at the train and everyone else blurry. Looked like a picture in a magazine.


  4. ….and I still have no clue what a docent is….

    but I find it wildly heelarious that you bought your 2 year old a train in a bottle! You're definitely my kind of parents!


  5. It was an awesome museum guys, I guess it's the best in the country (or so it calls itself) (cocky?)

    Jodi, Thomas the tank!? Sounds like little boy heaven! And I'd love to stop buy for some red sauce with green herbs 🙂


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