We Didn’t See A Unicorn: An Afternoon Update

It’s a perfect spring day, and we spent it at the zoo with our friends. We needed to get out of the house because Q had developed ants in his pants and was running around, driving cars into his little brother and screaming.

At the zoo, I asked little Anna what her favorite animal was (she’s almost 5) and she proclaimed, “A Unicorn”.
We didn’t see any Unicorns, but later Q announced that we had seen a Porkie Dog.
He meant Prairie Dog, but I thought he meant Porcupine, and we spent some time sorting out the identity of the rarely sighted Porkie Dog.
We also had the unfortunate experience of seeing a herd of some kind of pig… and they were ALL relieving themselves. Now Q has identified them as “the Pooping Pigs”.
We don’t have a large zoo, and we don’t have unicorns, but we DO have Porkie Dogs and Pooping Pigs.
I think everyone had a good time, even though Q informed me that he didn’t have fun because “You told me NO mama, and I don’t have fun when you tell me NO.”
Feeling guilty, I seriously debated letting him jump into the rainforest’s stream and chase the ducks next time.
The End

7 thoughts on “We Didn’t See A Unicorn: An Afternoon Update

  1. I never really was a fan of zoos because I think everytime I went there, it was blazing hot and none of the animals would come out of their inner-shelters. I must say though, if Q had been along with us, I'm sure I would've loved it! HI-larious!


  2. well, the thing is, pooping pigs trump unicorns, so there really wasn't any winning.
    Jodi, go in the spring! Set your alarm clock! Geesh.
    You can go with us when you are in our neck of the woods. 🙂


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