Then Gratitude Walked In…

Tonight I went for a walk with my Mama at dusk, wearing be-ribboned flip flops in the dust.
She told me to take them off because I was walking “weird” to avoid sand in my soles. When I obeyed her, she made a big deal out of the elusive sticker patches that were sure to attack my feet and leave them sore for days. She told me to put my shoes back on because it was better to walk funny than to be stabbed by a goat head. Sometimes there’s no winning with mamas.

There were a lot of bugs. I ate seven, because I have to talk when I walk with my mom. One flew up my nose. Really.

We didn’t walk alone. We walked with three dogs in the front and three cats in the back. I got mad at one point because I didn’t bring my camera, and so many funny things were happening, and so many beautiful things were unfurling on this spring night in the country.

You can’t capture life…so I just lived it.

And, in the living, I was thankful for:

196. A cat parade during an evening walk at the farm

197. Electric blue sky over melted yellow cubes of hay

198. Hearing cows lowing in the distance

199. The feeling you’ve walked into an older century where there were still cows, but really it’s just the peaceful now, and you are wearing flip flops.

200. Realizing that when I clean the toilet, I take time to pray. This thought redeemed toilet time for me, because heretofore I was SORT of annoyed that I was having to do it so often (um, a 2 year old boy lives here). God redeems the mundane.

I’m sorry the last one was random. I’m just being honest here. For more gratitude lists that probably don’t involve bathrooms, click on the picture below:

holy experience

15 thoughts on “Then Gratitude Walked In…

  1. JoAnn,
    I miss walking at Dusk with my Mom. Your post reminded me of growing up.
    I love this: A Cat Parade! The other day Kayley told me there was a Geese Parade when we were at the park, maybe she got that from you.
    Loved your list.


  2. Love the title of your post, and I think this is one of my favorite lists, especially #200. Grace is everywhere, and the one who chose to be born in a stable always has ears to hear. You described things so well that photos weren't necessary. xo


  3. Love love love it!

    I love the picture you paint with your words….

    Thanks for stopping by today…and just for the record…Cracker Barrel is a homestyle family restaurant chain. I love stopping at them when we are traveling..(they are normally off major interstates.) Check them out here…

    I fell in love with them at first just because of their sweet tea! YUM!


  4. oh how I miss my mommy… and that all sounds just perfect. I forget my camera sometimes too and realize that I'll just have to memorize all the colors, sounds and shapes instead. it's so helpful to write it down too…
    and toilets? well, I say thank you every time I see my toilet… I'm conscious about it, otherwise I might complain that there is NO toilet seat… but I've decided to be thankful for how easy it is to clean and how cool it is in the hot jungle! 😉 tmi… sorry.

    I don't think there's anything too small to be thankful for… 🙂

    amy in peru


  5. How blessed to be walking with your mom. My mom is recovering from a heart attack. I walked with her tonight at the nursing home. It was sweet. She is improving. She is in her right mind just needs her body to heal and gain strength.
    And, I join you in gratitude for those mundane task that we have that allow our minds to concentrate on matters of His heart. “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” Philippians 4:8
    LOVED your list! Such a blessing to read tonight.


  6. Great post. I get mad when I realize I've left my camera behind and have missed a photo opportunity. I think though, that leaving it behind can be a good thing every once in a while. Being behind the camera tends to make me an observer rather than a participator in life.
    I suppose that toilet praying comment could work on any chore we dislike!
    I have a friend who describes the chore of cleaning out her old refrigerator as a time to thank God that she has food a plenty to feed her family. It all comes back to gratitude!


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