I Survived Halloween in May

Today felt like this:

My little hot dog was cranky, I had an aggressive dinosaur on my hands, and I felt like a very-busy-hot-dog-dinosaur-holding cow…
Everyone woke up around 5 a.m. so I had to find extra cow patience for them, despite their shrieks and inability to use their ears for LISTENING. .
It was a productive day. I thwarted a roly poly bug smuggling ring in my living room. Roly poly bugs can only be played with OUTside.
A U.S. Census person came to my door during nap time and I learned that on April 1st of this year, Sheldon was 000 years old. Whatever.
I learned how to clean my bathroom with a spray-bottle-obsessed two year old: I put him in the bathtub and scrubbed while he swam around.
I bought meatballs and planned a nice dinner at home. They ended up being BUFFALO and Blue Cheese meatballs. Who. Eats. Those?
I think the only people who buy them are people who have to take a small cranky hot dog and a dinosaur with them when they go to the store: people who don’t have time to read packaging.
Now they are in bed and I’m putting my feet up and “mooing” with happiness!

18 thoughts on “I Survived Halloween in May

  1. I'm mooing with you. Today was a crazy, couch jumping, closet door breaking, chicken pooping on the rug kind of day.
    The census people came during Dinner time Monday!


  2. HI-larious! Didn't you girls see the TV commercial “If you don't fill out and mail back your census, a census employee will be sent to your door.” 🙂 Anyway, as much as I miss having littles, I'm glad to be done with the crazy days. But I must say, JoAnn, I am impressed with your smile in the midst of it all. I have to let you know, your posts are so funny that my whole family gathers around the computer to read them. REALLY. I am curious, though: why was Halloween in May?


  3. Jodi, My husband threw it away! It was halloween in may because…that picture was my day? I just name my blog posts kookie things for the fun of it. 🙂 Funny how your family thinks I'm funny…MINE doesn't! 🙂 Maybe I'm overwhelming in large doses..:) tee hee.


  4. p.s. Jodi, I was smiling, but if you look closely (not at the handprints on the window) I have crazy eyes. CRAZY!

    Susan: What the? They came to your house anyway? Maybe they couldn't believe you actually had seven children that you homeschool….

    Lumberjill, I just read about your day, and you win. By a mile and a half. You had me at dog barf.


  5. Haha, I am laughing to myself as my husband thinks I am nuts…I had to fill him in on the “and I felt like a very-busy-hot-dog-dinosaur-holding cow…”


  6. I love the range of emotions in the picture! Hilarious…

    How funny would that have been if the census worker showed up at the door when you were dressed like that!?!


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