Because Bon Jovi is Awesome…

So you may be wondering what this elbow is about…

Today is Derrick’s birthday. Somehow it’s ended up being 11 p.m. and we’ve done the steak dinner and movie thing, and I watched Top Chef Masters and now we are tired, full and happy. I need to floss though…

SOooo Derrick is downloading songs from my itunes library to his ipad. He’s spent the last ten minutes making fun of my music choices.
Him:Bon JOVI! Why do you have Bon Jovi on here?”
Me: “Because Bon Jovi is awesome.” (I start singing “Living On A Prayer, because that’s what I do if you say the words, “Bon Jovi” to me).
Him: “Dixie Chicks? Ew.”
Me: “It’s for the memories.”
Him: “Who’s Death Cab for Cutie? What are their hit songs?”
Me: “They don’t have “hit” songs. They’re like the…cab band”
Him: “Oh wow. The Cab band. Are they like the Death band too? This is helpful…”
Then he started playing Crash by Gwen Stephani and I finally was able to capture it:
My husband dances like this for reals. FOR REALS. He wiggles around and throws his hands up in the air, waving like he just don’t care. It’s so funny I’m not even mad at him for complaining about my music choices.
He’s having a good birthday.
Happy Birthday Babe! I love you and your awesome dance moves!

11 thoughts on “Because Bon Jovi is Awesome…

  1. I have an image of your husband as one of the old hecklers from the Muppet Show. Can you imagine those guys dancing like that?!?!

    Happy Birthday Derrick.

    I like the Dixie Chicks and “I'll be There for You”. I've never heard of DC4C before.


  2. a) Happy Bday to a totally RAD dancer.

    2) Dixie Chicks rule!

    d) I'm jealous you have an ipad. Even though I have NO clue what they are used for. A computer? Whatever – it makes you “cool” and that's all that REALLY matters…


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