Peace in Fresh Produce…

We traipsed into the Doctor’s office, just him, and me, with a cuddle between us.
We sat and we sat and we sat, sat, sat, sat, and suddenly the door opened and we stared with childlike eyes as the Physician brought us news:
Sheldon’s head had jumped the beaten path of 95%; it was time to call the Neurosurgeon, but first; four vaccines.
He is who he is, and he IS wonderful and sweet. I promised the Doctor not to Google.
We already learned that Google is a friend to the person who has an onion, a potato and doesn’t know what to make for dinner. Google is an enemy to unknown causes, and a search will convince worried parents a symptom is terminal before the Neurosurgeon dismisses it as familial.
Here we are again, six months later, and on Tuesday we hear back from the same Neurosurgeon, waiting for an MRI, waiting for a verdict. I refused to worry….and somehow I found myself wringing my hands anyway. Sometimes I can’t control my feelings.
I drove to the store in a fit that evening, determined to have preservative free food for my family, because diet is helpful in all matters, and I was in the mood to embrace help.
“Dear God, I need to give me your peace. I also need to know what to make for dinner. I need your peace. I need your peace”
I walked out with a watermelon. As I sliced the pink flesh in my kitchen, I realized that rejoicing is my safeguard, and thankfulness had come unbidden. The smell of summer in the bright green shell had made me forget everything else except for the gift that is fresh produce. I smiled to myself and started my list, and almost cried in my roast chicken, because God is GOOD. Amen.
“Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things again is no trouble to me, and it is a safeguard for you.” – Philippians 3:1

201. Fresh watermelon sans seeds.
202. Summer food on a bad day.
203. Friends who pray.
204. All the good little things that cover the dark unknown.
205. Being invited to come in to dinner when I’m only stopping by.
206. Staying for chocolate ice cream and delightful conversation.
207. The smell of fresh laundry.
208. Spring gardens in the twilight.
209. Holding hands with my husband and walking around town without kiddos.
210. Giving boys baths in my big bathtub and watching them swirl bubbles by the green light of the maple tree.
211. The sound of the dishwasher and dryer late at night. Cozy.
212. Dinosaur foot braces that will help little feet grow strong.
213. Growing older with a handsome man who makes me laugh and keeps me grounded.
It’s been a difficult few days, just because of the unknown…I haven’t Googled. We’ve been to the Neurosurgeon before with no adverse results, so I’m taking this in stride, but I’m hopeful that this is just a path that we can take to help our sweet cuddle bug develop and grow to be stronger. In the meantime, he’s crawling around and melting our hearts, and life is a wonderful gift.
For more on Sheldon click here, and here and, okay, here!
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26 thoughts on “Peace in Fresh Produce…

  1. u have awesome perspective joann! and even tho i know everything will be fine w/ sweet baby sheldon, i will be praying for him and for you and derrick for PEACE! i'm so glad we're friends!


  2. ahhh! my friend, we will be praying. i read one of your blogs on 'it is well with my soul' the. hardest. song. ever. to sing, and yet so comforting. we'll definately keep you in our prayers.


  3. Hey JoAnn… just wanted to let you know that you can call if you want to chat (if you don't have my number, you can get it from my mom) Anyhow, we have a well tread a path between our house and the Neurosurgeon's office, between surgery and many MRI's for Josiah!! God has been good through it all, teaching me things I couldn't have learned otherwise… If I could be of any help to you, let me know… just a phone call away. I'll be on my knees!!

    PS. Good for you on not Googling… I didn't follow that advice!!


  4. Your post has touched my heart. I am so glad that you are trusting in the Creator not in those that create on g**gle. I join you in gratitude for friends who pray and friends who feed our souls and our bodies.
    I will join you in praying. May you know His perfect peace and comfort today.


  5. I jumped over here from your comment over there (my blog). I am enjoying reading over all your posts, well, as many as I can between pulling my toddler away from drawing on things. Thanks for sharing your list!


  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I see you are going through a hard time. He is a gorgeous baby boy and I have tucked him in my heart to pray for him. My God is B.I.G. You can trust Him with the tiny tears and the waterfall tears. He's catching them (don't know why) and holding them close to His heart for a greater purpose. You KNOW there is a Crystal Sea in heaven, right? Wonder if it's made up of our tears.
    Matthew 11:28-30.


  7. Lord, I praise you for the purpose You hold for this precious child. We know that this journey He's on is traveled to a meaning beyond what we may see with our eyes. But I trust Lord in Your ways and their ability to be beyond what we could imagine or make possible in our flesh. I know you to be the Great Healer because You raised me from the death bed to a new & restored life that exceeds the 'normal' life I had before. Through that seemingly awful trial you planted a garden to bloom in Your love. I'm no special girl. So this holds true for this little man You hold in Your mighty hands of mercy and grace and healing and wholeness. I ask Lord for the protection of your angels for him and for wisdom in knowing which methods or surgeries to perform. We know you love him infinitely with Your marvelous love. I ask for you to heal him for Your Son's highest exaltation! In your Son's Name we come to you with these burdens on our hearts Lord. Amen.


  8. God is good. God is good. I've walked a few roads where I've needed reminding, and He's been good to do so. Praying for good news for you, and love your list too. I especially loved the one about you and hubby walking around town holding hands (and no kiddos in sight). That's such a rare treat for us!


  9. Thanks for stopping by today and thanks for sharing your worries and your gratitudes. I am praying that the deep abiding peace of God is with you in the midst of the unknown, and that you will continue to find rest in his gentle hand.


  10. Will be sending good thoughts to you and to Sheldon..

    BTW, it looks like your google followers transferred over, but I didn't get this post in my google reader. I'm still getting your old feed. So I might have to unfollow you and then refollow you. I hope you're not mad at me for all this craziness!


  11. Thank you for your prayers, everyone. I feel so blessed!

    And shout out to Flower Patch who used, “Rigamarole” and “Homegirl” in one sentence.
    All your comments, prayers, and thoughts have made my day. Thank you.


  12. JoAnn,

    I am so sorry to hear of your worries. I will be praying for you and your sweet little boy.

    I want to tell you a little story, if you don't mind.

    My dear friend got the bad news one day that her healthy, vibrant 16 year old son had leukemia. It was a bad one, the kind of cancer that knocks you down and keeps its evil vice grip on its victims. She was distraught. I tried as best I could to support her as she went down this terrible bleak road. But, the thing is, her husband was a doctor. she was a nurse. They understood the realities and it just about killed her. Every time I saw her she was so depressed and so full of worry. She is one of the most devout Christians I know and even with that, you could just see the hopelessness that was crushing her.

    About a year after her boy was diagnosed and was not doing very well, I had major surgery. She came to my house a few days afterwards with a home cooked meal. She was so full of light, I couldn't believe the drastic change in her. I asked her if something encouraging had happened with her son. She said no. She said what had happened was, in a moment of prayer she truly realized what it meant to have faith. She said she had thought she was being faithful and allowing God to take her son's destiny in hand, but in that moment of clarity, she realized she had not been doing that at all, she had been praying for God to cure her son. And in that moment, she chose to accept God's will whatever it was. And she stopped her story to emphasize to me that no matter which path God chose for her son, she had faith in His plan. she said that it didn't mean she didn't hope with all of her being that her son would survive this. It just meant that she was choosing God's plan over her own, no matter what that one was.

    I was astounded that someone could have such an empowering faith. I was amazed by the absolute peace her decision had given her.

    That boy is 24 now. Completely Cured. No sign of cancer anywhere.

    The doctors declared him a miracle.

    My friend just calls it God's plan.

    I think you're on the same path. I admire your beautiful faith and pray that I will be able to walk the same walk.


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