The After Party

Right, now my sons are in their room, lights out. We had a backyard evening with friends and red meat, and we let them stay up late to eat Popsicles.
They are supposed to be sleeping now, but I see through walls and experience; they are both sitting up, peering between bars and bumpers to tell jokes in gibberish and maybe someone is throwing stuffed animals. I hear baby laughs and big boy squeals, and who needs toys when you have a big brother to entertain you?
I will sit here, and say nothing, and file these moments away. What’s the magic called, when you are young and your brother is your best friend?
That’s my gift for today.
tuesdays unwrapped at cats

22 thoughts on “The After Party

  1. I have 2 boys too, this just about makes me cry! Yes, the moments when they love each other and are best friends…are moments to remember, and moments for mommies to keep quiet and let them carry on being good, no matter what. 🙂


  2. So sweet!
    (so, this is weird, I've been trying to use google friend for the new url, but it says I'm already subscribed, but it's to the old one… does that make sense? I just added your url manually to my reader, so I'll get your new posts, but I can't figure out the Google Friend Connect thing!! Darn technology ;))


  3. I love those moments when I hear my 2 biggishes (yep) chattering after lights out. Well, I also sort of loathe it, but then I remember what childhood is all about and I decide to love it least 50% of the time.


  4. Umm . . . Wow! That was just goose pimply beautiful.

    Your boys are scrumptious and your words, especially, especially that last line brought tears to my eyes. I now see why you your coffee gets cold, but try not too wait too long. Work on plot. You have such a gift.


  5. Oh, yes and I've been here before, because you have my favorite TS Eiliot line on your banner. Sorry for forgetting. Some days my life in blog world gets a little blurry. Please forgive my faux pas.


  6. you so made me cry.

    hold onto to this way of mothering,
    now I listen in my bed to their chatting as it gets into the 1 am past my bedtime hours .

    thanks for visiting me…. so sorry it's taken me forever to get back and comment.

    looking forward to reading around a bit


  7. I remember those moments with my sister. I'm sure my mom, too, sat knowing what was behind our closed door…giggles, flashlights, and whispers. What fun memories you're creating by just allowing those moments to pass.


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