Why I Didn’t Invent Post-It Notes

There’s a box in my garage that makes me feel like an idiot.

I went out there, fishing around for old photographs and found some white, innocuous looking paper that was riddled with evidence of my dramatic, self-centered youth.
Lately I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself. I like to say that I’m just a sinner and nothing good comes from me, but I sort of forget that when people pat me on the back. I start thinking that I’m on the right track, that I’ve arrived, and I climb on my pedestal and tap dance for applause. I have wise words and brilliance untapped.
Yesterday I reading old emails from my Senior summer in high school that I found in the box. They are embarrassing and I have no idea why I kept them. They are also hilarious.
Now I have hard evidence that I was obsessed with myself at 18. I’m sure all of my antics and friendships were self-serving…and for a minute I wanted to shred the ghost of my past that I had found, but now I’m embracing it.
It’s hard to embrace the fact that you are a moron, but it’s only then that you can have fun. I have a class reunion coming up, and it would be easy to freak out, go on a diet, and pass out my resume. It’s so tempting to want to burst through the doors with a perfume that announces, “I have arrived, I am awesome, you may all worship me!”
Here’s what I’ve learned since high school; making people think you’re cool is very hard work, and no one needs a new wooden idol to worship. People need to be loved. So, I’m going to show up with my baby pudge and hug everyone I can get my hands on.
Loving people means freedom.

7 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Invent Post-It Notes

  1. At 18, we're all obssessed with ourselves, and we think everyone else is too. So funny!

    My 15th year reunion is this month, but I can't make it. However, I think I would have had those same first thoughts of looking as good as possible and all that. I'm STILL trying not to be self-absorbed at 32. It's not as bad as at 18, but I'm not completely over me. 😉


  2. I think we all have “those” boxes of stuff stashed away. I actually wish I had saved MORE of mine. If I ever think I haven't grown…it just takes one little peek down memory lane. 🙂

    Please tell me you have read my post about my friend Sarah and I's notes that we passed back and worth, waxing poetic about God and our current crushes. Cory and I laughed until we cried when we first read through them. SO ridiculous!!

    ps- It's probably archived under “random”. But, who knows??


  3. Let me pat you on the back again and allow you get on your high-horse, cuz I just think you are heeelarious.

    I too, a self-absorbed ME freak in high school and sadly, college too, have found MANY embarrassing things my mom feels the need to bring over for ME to store. Some have made the blog, others are just too ridiculous I fear DH would re-think the reasons he married my sorry behind. Kids….I just thank my parents for keeping me alive…

    Oh yeah, and EMAILS IN HIGH SCHOOL?? Yeah…pretty sure I'm WAY older than you. And kudos for going to a reunion….you brave woman.

    So since comments are displayed after approval, does that mean YOU – the BESTEST writer, ever…gets mean & hurtful comments? Let me at 'em! 😉


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