Moths and Water Conservation

Derrick was out of town for work so last night I stayed up way too late doing weird things like mopping my floor and making sure the bathrooms had spare toilet paper.

Snickers The Worthless Dog was making the most of the manless house by barking regularly at the front door for no good reason. So annoying, because even though the rational side of my mind told me it was a cat or a mosquito that was warranting her hysteria, the irrational side was remembering every scary movie that I’ve ever seen.
Finally I went to bed and settled down under the sheets, wearing clothes in case there was a fire or a burglary. Safety first.
My pillow felt nice and cool and soft and suddenly I heard a “pink, pink, pink” noise. It was super loud, so I decided it was my shower. My shower doesn’t typically leak, because when I was little I saw this video and it freaked me out:
So anyway, now I’m really careful about turning off faucets all the way. I worry about the fish.
Nonetheless, I went to the shower to stop the “pinking” and as I stumbled through the dark, something hard flew into my hair.
A moth.
I batted it out and dove under my covers. The moth had been flying into the wall making the “pinking” sound. All of a sudden the moth was attacking me again, trying to land on my face. I leaped out of bed, turned on the hall light to lure the thing out of my bed. The moth had decided to perch on my pillow so I grabbed it, threw it into the hall, and went back to bed.
When Derrick’s gone, things get a little wacky over here.
The End.

12 thoughts on “Moths and Water Conservation

  1. About 15 years ago, when my husband was out of town,there was a prison break where we lived at that time. I decided to put in a movie so I wouldn't be tempted to watch the news.

    I had been told that “Scream” was a dark comedy- I put it into the VCR.

    I was so stinking scared I couldn't even get up to turn the movie off.


  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one who does worthless things when hubs is gone. I've been known to dust under the couches, rearrange my spice rack, and even organize under my sink. Yeah. Pathetic.

    Oh, and the dog thing. It's a catch 22 having one is it not?! I mean, sure, you feel all safe knowing they'll bark to fend off would-be burglars, but then they bark at the wind and scare the tar out of you. Dumb dogs.


  3. I am the same way when my hubby is gone. Except that I don't throw moths. Or go to sleep in my clothes. Or worry about the fish. When i said, “Exactly the same” I may have been over-projecting on the similarities. Hope he's back soon


  4. My husband remembers his mother spending the night in the lower bunk of the room he shared with his brother on a night when his dad was traveling. At some point, she sliced her hand open on the filet knife she had hidden under her pillow for protection in case someone broke in during the night.

    I have a similar story about realizing I was no longer able to read the combination on our (ahem) household security safe without my reading glasses. Do you suppose intruders with violent intent would wait for me to call a timeout while I went to find them?

    Ah…universal fears! And the way we women respond when our strong, manly menfolk are out of town!


  5. All these “times without hubby” stories are CRACKING ME UP! We should compile these into a book “PANIC! What Wives Do When Their Husbands Go Out of Town”
    Nancy, I'm blind as a bat without my contacts, so I feel you. Note to self: don't sleep with knives.
    Tam: I KNOW! But you were at Hume so it really is just a girls vacation for you. I have no sympathy.


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