Over Coffee and Bananas

There’s something about drinking sweet milky coffee with Raffi crooning about peanut butter sandwiches in the background. There’s something about the small, chubby, high-pitched faces that greet me in the morning with wet diapers and milk thirsts and questions about my favorite animal.

My favorite animal is a sea turtle. They’re like the upgraded version of the regular turtle with their bulky gracefulness.
These are the things we talk about at sunrise, my boys and I. We munch bananas and figure out who will marry Quinten. It can’t be mommy, though he asks me. He walks around with a “wedding band” washer on his finger and has no idea what he’s talking about when he speaks of marriage, but he speaks with authority. The authority of a two year old who has figured out the entire world in 730 days. We discuss the meaning of rolypoly bugs, and why Buzz Lightyear says, “Not today Zurg!” and we wonder why he calls Star Command. Sheldon babbles his answers and faithfully opens and shuts the cupboard.
The day is stretched out before us, full of promises of swimming pools and hot, hot sunshine. We will be getting some stylish dinosaur braces for Sheldon this morning and I’m excited. Socks and shoes for the summer, but maybe some standing too. The summer makes tomatoes ripe, and the little faces are getting bigger, boyish. Baby fat is fading and my babies are growing up, but for this summer they are still small and delightful.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

10 thoughts on “Over Coffee and Bananas

  1. I am excited for his Dinosaur braces too!
    Kayley wants to marry her Daddy, I think it is so cute how kids just see the innocence of love.
    Cute pictures.


  2. So, so sweet. I loved it when my boys still wanted to marry me . . . those days pass too quickly!

    And I love seeing more of their skin in summer time. There's just nothing like that cushy softness to kiss and love on!


  3. How sweet Quinten wants to marry you… I love the new pictures in your header — the one of Quinten shows how you two have matching smiles.

    Desiree(6) knows that Mommy and Daddy are already married to one another so she plans to marry Elijah, her brother. I haven't told her she can't yet, because it's just too cute…

    Can't wait to see Sheldon's dinosaur braces!

    Are you guys looking forward to Toy Story 3 ?!?


  4. Yes we cannot wait for toy story 3. I don't know if Q even knows it's coming, but the ADULTS are excited.
    I think Aiden needs a brother…ahem. 🙂
    And now I'm off to add a missing word. Proofreading isn't the same when you have little hands helping you type.


  5. Ah, the brief season of childhood. It's enough to make a grown woman cry, and has. Squeeze out all of the goodness you can from those little guys. My daughter turns 24 in a few days. Pardon me while I go find a Kleenex.


  6. Your writing is delightful. And, why does Buzz Lightyear say, “Not today, Zurg”? I think I'll try to work that question into conversation today. It's always good to have goals…


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