Chaos Comes in Threes

It’s 1 p.m. and I look back on my morning and say, “At least no one has pooped on me.”

I babysat for my friend Jess this morning. Caiden, her two year old, was a delightful addition to my two year old. By delightful, I of course, mean destructive. When those two get together, they are a dynamic duo of world domination. I think they might blow up a small country before they reach kindergarten.
(this is just one room…I have three more like it.)

I think they may have broken my bubble pot out in the backyard. I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s full of large river rocks.
There are no sheets on Q’s bed right now (I’m not going to explain that, if you have a boy who wears underwear, you can imagine).
Someone (I shan’t say who) picked their nose and made it bleed.
Blows were exchanged over a Buzz Lightyear utility belt, a toy phone, a dvd case, a deck of cards, a lego…you get the idea.
There were two time outs each for a total of four in an hour.
Sheldon spent his time going after everyone else’s sippy cup.
There’s milk on my couch. I halfheartedly dabbed it with my sweat pants.
The End.
…or is it?
I forgot to mention: Sheldon’s dinosaur braces!
We got them yesterday, and I personally love them! They only go up to his ankles, and they have already helped him immensely. He’s now standing without wobbling. He’s so much more stable and he actually seems to enjoy standing up now. Of course, I’m helping him stand all the time now, because I feel like there’s lost time to make up for. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.
Cutest dinosaur brace model ever! (You can’t even see them, but he has to wear shoes and socks all summer)(pay no mind to the pink and purple sippy cup).

11 thoughts on “Chaos Comes in Threes

  1. It's a good day when your bright spot is no one has pooped on you.

    Love the braces. So glad he's standing. And have I mentioned before, the absolute adorableness of that scrumptious boy.

    I don't mean to rub anything in, but I don't miss those days.


  2. Oh gosh. And WHY did seeing those adorable dinosaur braces make me all teary-eyed?!

    Maybe because they are super adorable.

    Maybe it's because I think of you having to put SHOES & SOCKS on ALL summer long.

    Or maybe it's because I'll be there, too. And I don't want to be. I love your attitude with them. And you're right – I'm sure it'll help IMMENSELY. It's just. Well, you know.

    Adorable kidlets.

    Fun messes.

    Stupid hormones.


  3. Kristy, no…I didn't get it. 😦 and I DO want a third…someday…not today or anything. I love chaos, I thrive on it. That's why I do things like forget to pack pants for Pismo.

    Joann, we can't all be famous authors, some of us have to play with legos!
    Lindsay, I wrote this without a brave face, I really truly truly love them. It's such a relief to find something that helps, I know you will love them too IF Addie needs them.

    Craig/Bethany: come on over, I have two small children who would LOVE more visitors. I'll go out to dinner or something.


  4. How hysterically funny you are. You make bad days seem not-so-bad in a really bad sort of way. Does that make sense? 🙂
    I get a good laugh and a full dose of comfort everytime I read your blog.


  5. Sweet Little Sheldon…I was so happy to see how good he is doing the other day! And, so happy for you, as mama, to get some answers and see results so soon:)
    Sorry, though, I cannot relate to the thriving on chaos…Give me peace or give me DEATH! heeheehee


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